Outdoor All Weather Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabric for new and replacement indoor or outdoor wicker furniture cushions. Choose from hundreds of indoor or all-weather furniture cushion fabrics for your new or replacement furniture cushions. Upholstery fabric also sold by the yard.

Outdoor patio cushion upholstery fabric is designed to be used with outdoor patio furniture. Deluxe cushions made from all-weather indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric can be used on all outdoor patio furniture. To prolong the life of your outdoor cushions, protect them from the outdoor elements when not being used for long periods of time. If you don't need outdoor patio cushion fabric because your furniture will remain protected from the outdoor elements, then you should choose from the indoor fabric choices. Our cushion fabric for patio furniture is available in over 100 patterns. Choose from our all weather outdoor fabrics shown below when ordering new or replacement patio cushions for your outdoor patio furniture.

Choose a cushion fabric pattern you like. Take note of the fabric item short name. Example: The short name for All Weather Fabric Item 1 is (AWF-1). You will need to remember the AWF-1 short name when choosing and ordering your fabric on the product details page.

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