Bathroom Wicker

Wicker and Rattan Bathroom Furniture

Coordinate your choice of bathroom wicker pieces with other wicker accessories. Find wicker for bathrooms through out this category that will enhance the overall decor of your wicker bathroom. Wall shelves and medicine cabinets provide a great storage place for many of your bathroom essentials. Find rectangular, oval and round mirror designs to place above a sink or wicker vanity. Select wicker bathroom single and multi tier wall shelves to hold or display things.

Wall Cabinets

Wicker Rattan Wall Cabinets

View our wicker rattan wall cabinets for use in the bathroom. Hang them above the sink or above the throne. Store you personal affects.

Wall Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Choose a mirror for your bathroom form our huge selection of wicker rattan mirrors. Choose from round, rectangular, oval and half-moon.

Wall Shelves

Bathroom Wall Shelves

Natural wicker rattan wall shelves. Available in one, two and three tier regular and corner shelf units. Use in any room of the house. Pick your favorite today.

Indoor A-grade Natural Wicker and Solid Rattan

A-grade natural wicker and solid rattan mean that you are getting the highest quality of wicker or rattan furniture on the market. With the high quality of A-grade wicker or solid rattan along with high quality hand craftsmenship, you get the best wicker or rattan furniture on the market. Discount wicker furniture items are found through out this web site.

Finish Choices

Many natural wicker and rattan products are available in different finishes. Use the drop down window for each product to view the available finish choices for that product. To view and see what the finishes look like, choose either wicker finishes or rattan finishes. Taking care of your wicker and rattan products will result in them lasting longer and looking great for years to come.

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Fabric Choices

Sunbrella Fabric for Outdoor Wicker Furniture All-Weather Fabric for Outdoor Wicker Furniture Olefin Fabric for Outdoor Patio Furniture Indoor Fabric for Wicker and Rattan Furniture Indoor Fabric for Wicker and Rattan Furniture
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