Wicker Storage Trunks and Baskets

There are a number of ways to utilize wicker storage furniture and accessories. Wicker trunks and wicker baskets are wonderful items to store things in. Wicker trunks are versatile through out the home. Use them in the living room to store magazines and as a coffee table. Use them in the bedroom to store bed clothes, blankets or children's toys.

Use wicker baskets to hold small things or use as a trash basket.

Wicker and Rattan Storage Trunks

Wicker Storage Trunk Storage Chest

View Wicker Living's natural wicker and rattan storage trunks. Choose a trunk that opens from the top or from the top and the side. Use a lovely wicker storage trunk in any room of the house. Pick your favorite today.

Wicker Baskets

Large Wicker Basket for Storage

View our large wicker baskets used for storage. Use as a waste basket or as magazine basket. Will fit in small places. Fit under the sink.

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