Order All-Weather or Sunbrella Fabric Swatches

Order All-Weather or Sunbrella Fabric Swatches

All Weather Spun Polyester Fabric Swatches
All Weather Spun Polyester Fabric Swatches

Order All-Weather Or Sunbrella Fabric Swatches

  • Ensure the fabric is what you want by ordering swatches.
  • Sent directly to your home or office.
  • Use the Blue View Button to view the the different fabric selections
  • You may choose from 1 to 4 swatches to be shipped out to you.
  • Swatches are shipped within two work days.

All-Weather fabric is a great upholstery fabric for both indoors and outdoor use. This is a printed fabric. That means that the image is silk-screened onto a Spun Polyester fabric using inks. Since any image can be transferred onto the fabric, there are many different patterns available to choose from. All wether fabric will fade over time. If this is a concern to you, you should choose Sunbrella fabric.

Sunbrella fabric is an acrylic fabric. It is great to use both indoors and outside. The colors are embedded into the yarns and protected by ultraviolet light (UV) inhibitors. Unlike all-weather fabrics, patterns need to be woven into the Sunbrella fabric when the fabric is manufactured to get a pattern. Sunbrella fabric can withstand sunlight without fading much better than all-weather fabric. Sunbrella fabric is extremely fade resistant.

Use the fabrics offered here for replacement cushions and pillows other than for Lloyd Flanders products. The fabrics in this selection can not be used for Lloyd Flanders Furniture or cushions. Go to the Lloyd Flanders Fabric Swatch Page to select fabric swatches for Lloyd Flanders Furniture and Replacement cushions.


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