All Weather Fabric Gallery (AW Series)

All Weather Fabric Gallery (AW Series)

You are viewing the All Weather Fabric gallery which contains a wide selection of printed patters, solids and striped fabrics that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The name All Weather Fabric is also know as Spun Polyester Fabric. Its comfort qualities are similar to cotton but has outstanding wear and weather resilience as compared to natural fiber products.

We denote this series of All Weather Fabrics as the AW series. These fabrics are the same type of fabrics offered in our All Weather SP Series. We split them into two different pages (AW & SP) because there were too many fabric number names to have to work with on the site when choosing from the menu system. So treat the AWF and SP fabric series as the same type fabric while you browse through. Fabric designers have free reign on their designs and regularly offer new, modern and refreshing patterns for us to choose from each year. (Continue Reading)

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All Weather Fabrics provide one of the largest selections of printed fabric patterns available. The reason is, that this type of fabric has the design or colors printed on the white spun polyester base. The colors and designs are not woven into the fabric like Acrylic fabrics. Printing with special inks in this way allow for an infinite number of colors and patterns to be printed on to a fabric. Choose from pastels to brilliant bright tones that complement your decor.

All Weather Fabrics are used to make cushions and pillows for all types of indoor and out door furniture. The fabric feels very similar to indoor fabrics made with cotton. Overwhelmingly, all wether fabrics have almost replaced indoor cotton based fabrics because there is very little difference in the feel of the fabric. However, there is a great deal of difference in the durability of the All Weather Fabric as compared to indoor fabric.

All Weather Fabric is completely water resistant. Because it is made of polyester, water can not harm the fabric itself. Also, because All Weather Fabric is not made with any organic fibers, it will not mod or mildew like cotton based fabrics will outdoors. However, beware, mold and mildew will grow on dirt and pollen, so keep your cushions and pillows clean and dry to prevent mold or mildew from forming on your cushions.