Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture-2

Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture-2


I am writing this article to introduce you to Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture and Lloyd Flanders®' furniture products and give you the history of the Lloyd Flanders company. I will be focusing on Marshall Burns Lloyd and his invention of the Lloyd Loom® process. It also provides an overview of the Lloyd Flanders company’s current products and processes. Lloyd Loom wicker furniture has been inspirational for decades and continues to be the wicker furniture of choice desired by commoners and aristocrats. Lloyd Loom wicker furniture has been inspirational for decades and continues to be the wicker furniture of choice desired by commoners and aristocrats.

Lloyd Flanders Known for Quality Elegant Wicker Furniture

The Lloyd Flanders name has been synonymous with the words “quality elegant wicker” and for good reason. The Lloyd Flanders company has been around for about 100 years with a few changes in name and ownership. Since its inception, the company has continuously made strategic advances in the casual indoor and outdoor wicker furniture industry. Lloyd Flanders furniture is the icon of American-made furniture. Stemming from its invention of woven loom wicker furniture to its historic advances in durability and comfort, Lloyd Flanders has made the largest advancements in modern-day casual wicker furniture manufacturing.

Marshall B. Lloyd the Inventor

It was Marshal Burns Lloyd that had the dreams, interest, knowledge, and ability to begin his manufacturing business that eventually led to developing the phenomenal Lloyd Loom process. His objective was to supply fine wicker furniture to the world easier and more cost-effective than the manual weaving process. He was passionate about his interest and highly capable to carry on his quest. Lloyd was not satisfied with the complicated, laborious, and expensive way of hand-weaving wicker cane furniture that did not hold up well to outdoor conditions. This led him to pursue a better way to make wicker furniture that used common materials but with more strength and significantly less labor thereby reducing costs and improving the desirability of the product.

A Little History about Marshall B. Lloyd

Marshall B. Lloyd lived from March 10, 1858 - to August 10, 1927. He was known as an inventor and manufacturer. During his early years, Lloyd moved around different places in Canada and the United States. He worked many different jobs. He succeeded and failed at many different things. Lloyd possessed unusual initiative and aggressiveness. While employed, he patented a weighing scale for use of farmers. In exchange for the right to use a machine he had panted for weaving wire door and table mats, Lloyd was rewarded part interest in the C. O. White Manufacturing Company. He later patented a machine for weaving wire spring mattresses, which became very successful. This allowed him to buy out the White company in 1900 when he founded the Lloyd Manufacturing Company.

Lloyd Flanders Factory Menominee Michigan

In 1906 Marshal B. Lloyd moved his factory to Menominee Michigan where the Lloyd Flanders factory remains today.