3 Myths About Wicker

If you are a customer of Wicker Living, you know that wicker is an undying and timeless trend that can take us through eras of home decoration. You may even be part of the ever-expanding family of people who will defend the timeless beauty and honor of a fine piece of wicker. However, there are a few myths about wicker that should be cleared up. This may help you make your decision to move into wicker living rather than average upholstered furniture.

Myth 1-Only Seniors Like Wicker

Wicker is only for Senior Citizens. This is simply not true. While some seniors may find a great appeal in wicker furniture, simply putting the words trendy wicker furniture into Google or Pinterest will lead you down a rabbit hole of beautiful pieces that every generation can enjoy.

Have you seen the bassinet available on our website? Not many senior citizens will be having new babies! This is just proof that wicker furniture can be timeless and can surpass any era.

 2- Wicker Doesn’t Last

This myth is particularly bizarre to us, especially since it often will come from the same people who indicate that the only wicker left is from the 80’s and their grandparents have it. It is simply untrue!

We have written before on caring for your wicker pieces, the truth is if you care properly for your wicker it will give you many, many years of satisfaction.

Myth 3- Wicker is Only for Outdoor Use Nowadays

More and more people are using their outdoor spaces for entertaining neighbors and friends alike. Wicker’s simplistic and rustic beauty can provide a fantastic chair, lounger or even a makeshift tiki bar! With advancements in wicker, outdoor is a great use.

Indoor wicker is just as stunning and rustic. It can blend with any decor and will provide a comfortable seating area, a stunning book shelf, or perhaps beautiful accent pieces such as small shelving units, plant tables or baskets. The uses are truly endless.

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