5 Design Ideas to Incorporate Wicker Into Your Bathroom

Wicker Towel Cabinet


Adding wicker to your bathroom will add warmth and charm to an otherwise cold and boring bathroom.  Wicker furniture and accents are versatile and can be used with other wicker pieces or with traditional bathroom furniture.  Provided below are 5 design ideas to incorporate wicker into your bathroom to help you easily transform your humdrum room into a natural wicker designer bathroom.

5 Design Ideas

Hang a Wicker Mirror

Hang a new wicker mirror on your bathroom wall,  Choose a mirror sized for the area.  Enhance your view above the sink by selecting from round, oval, rectangular or half moon shapes that coordinate with the decor you want to present. Large mirrors are great for making the room look larger and they help when dressing.  Choose smaller mirrors to accent other walls.

Hang a Wicker Wall Cabinet

A wicker wall cabinet can add additional space for toiletries and decorate an otherwise bare boring wall.  Hang them above toilets or in open wall space where you can easily access the contents.  Many varieties of wall cabinets are available with external shelve and towel bar with shelves behind the cabinet doors.  These types of cabinets look fantastic and definately enhance the decor.

Hang a Wicker Wall Shelf

Wicker wall shelves provide great places to use for knick knacks, pictures or miscellaneous toiletries.  Single and multi tier shelf units, colors and styles offer different decor options.  When hung at or just below eye level, wicker wall shelves will have their best affect.

Wicker Towel Cabinet

Wicker floor cabinets can fit in many bathrooms and will hold towels and other bathroom items keeping them clean and out of sight.  Wicker towel cabinets generally have two door doors to allow access to shelves inside.  Select a location in the bathroom to place your floor cabinet.  It should be positioned so that you can access the contents yet the cabinet does not obstruct any other bathroom facilities or air vents.  If possible, position it so that a person walking by the bathroom door can see the face of the cabinet. 

Wicker Waste Basket

Every bathroom needs a waste basket and what better basket to use than a wicker waste basket.  Round, oval or rectangular, they will all do the job. Coordinate shape and color with other furniture and accents.  Pick colors that accent well with the bathroom decor.  When using a waste basket out in the open, it should not be hidden but obvious so that it is used properly.


Implementing one or all of these design ideas for adding wicker to your bathroom will improve your bathroom decor and bring a smile of satisfaction to your face.

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