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5 Good Reasons to Use Resin Wicker Inside Your Home

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Resin wicker furniture has been misnomered as outdoor furniture since its inception.  People have used it primarily for outdoor use because of its unique characteristics to resist the outdoor elements. Resin wicker has also found its way inside peoples’ homes because it’s comfortable and has elegant decorative qualities.  Many people find it a much better choice than a natural wicker product.

  1. Stylish Resin Wicker

Resin wicker furniture has come a long way and is making inroads into rooms in our homes.  It has essentially taken the place of its natural wicker predecessors.  Modern wicker is stylish and can make quite an impression when used in certain rooms.  For example, you can decorate a four-season room or family room with deep seating resin wicker furniture or furnish an eat-in kitchen with a resin wicker dining set.  Because of the style and modern designs, this is a very acceptable way to decorate these rooms.

  1. Available Frame Colors and Cane Choices

Resin wicker is now available in many different colors.  The cane used can also be round or flat.  Depending on the color used and the cane choice, you can design a room with just the right look and feel.

  1.  Wide Choice of Cushion Fabrics

Depending on where you buy your furniture, you will have different selections of cushion fabrics to choose from.  If you buy from a box store, you will be stuck with the one fabric pattern or solid color they bought. If you buy from a reputable furniture dealer instead, you can order a fabric that is right for you and match your home decor.  Remember, it’s acceptable to use most outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella fabric indoors and outside.

  1.   Easy to Move and Arrange

Resin wicker is generally built with metal frames and covered with the resin wicker cane.  Although these furniture pieces are not as light as their natural wicker counterparts, they are still comparatively very light and easy to move around.  This presents a big benefit for people who like to move their furniture to clean and those who often rearrange.

  1.  Durable

Modern wicker is generally very strong because of its metal frames.  However, the real benefit is the resin itself.  Resin is a durable, playable material that can withstand a lot of day-to-day abuse that other cloth or leather furniture just cant handle.  The frames can be easily dusted or washed to remove dirt or grime.

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