Add a Wicker Headboard to Your Bedroom Decor

Wicker Headboard

Bombay Wicker Headboard


This article discusses the option of adding a wicker headboard to your bedroom’s decor.  This option broadens your horizon of choices and will perhaps introduce you to something wonderful that you didn’t consider before.  Adding wicker bedroom furniture to your home is great way to add elegance and style to a bedroom without having to add a lot of additional decor items to make your room look unique and have that warm cozy feel.

Mattress Sizes & Headboard sizes

Like most other furniture, wicker headboards are available in the standard mattress sizes.  You don’t have to worry about the manufacturers that make the odd ball sizes, because it’s the length, not the width that is affected.  The width is what matters because the headboard attaches to head of the bed, not along the side.

Standard Bed Mattress Sizes Found in the USA & Corresponding Headboard Sizes

                          Mattress                                                         Headboard

               Twin 39W x 75L (in.)                                                Twin 39W (in.)

               Twin XL 39W x 80L (in.)                                          Twin 39W (in.)

               Full or Double 54W x 75L (in.)                                Full 54W (in.)

               Full or Double XL 54W x 80L (in.)                           Full 54W (in.)

               Queen 60W x 80L (in.)                                            Queen 60W (in.)

               King 76W x 80L (in.)                                                King 76W (in.)

               California King 72Wx84L (in.)                                  Ca. King 72W (in.) (Hard to find)

Wicker Headboard Styles

Wicker headboards are available in various styles.  Here are some of the popular styles available:

  • Cottage
  • Florentine
  • Bombay
  • Hampton Bay
  • SoHo
  • Full Arch
  • Regency

Choosing The Right Headboard

Picking the right headboard and accompanying furniture has a lot to do with your taste.  Look over the different types available.  Also look at corresponding bedroom furniture pieces that you already have or need to add to your collection.  You have the choice of trying to match up furniture by style or let them work completely independent of each other. 

Traditionally white wicker has been used for bedrooms and has been the biggest seller.  But a variety of colors are available today.  More and more people are choosing to decorate with lighter or darker colors.  Shore town or cottage homes typically choose white wash.   Men usually choose a dark color or honey over white or white wash.  You can choose from white, natural honey, brown tones and white wash offered by many manufacturers.  The great thing about wicker is that if you need it a different color, you can paint it using either a spry or brushed on enamel paint.

Try to choose something that you’re in love with.  That is usually the best bet.  Whether you choose the furniture first and are looking for a headboard to match or found the headboard first, love is what counts.

Mounting the Headboard

Headboards can be mounted in two basic ways.

  • Mounted on the bed frame.
  • Mounted on the wall.

Not all wicker headboards have holes drilled in the legs for mounting on the bed frame but, a lot of them do.  This is not a deal breaker if you want your headboard mounted on the bed frame.  If mounting holes are not provided, it’s simple enough to position the bed board against the frame of the bed where it would be attached, mark where the holes should be drilled.  Drill the holes and acquire hardware to attach them.  Typically two holes are provided in bed frames for this purpose.  This method of mounting keeps your pillows on the bed and you don’t have a chance of the bed sliding away from the wall.  Cleaning under and around the bed is a little more difficult because it’s not as easy to move the bed to clean when it has a headboard attached.

Alternatively, you can attach a headboard to the wall where the head of the bed will be positioned.  Depending on the position of the legs on the wall, you can either nail the legs to the wall if there is wood in the wall to nail into, or use plastic molly inserts and screw through the headboard legs into the mollies to provide a secure attachment to the wall.  Then just slide your bed in place.  Using this method you might find the beds slide away from the wall a little and the pillows fall down between the bed and bed board.  Cleaning around and under the bed is a little easier because you can more the bed a little easier without the headboard attached.

Foot boards

Wicker headboards don’t usually come in sets along with a foot board.  What is commonly done is that you buy two headboards and cut off the feet of one of them and attach it to the front of the bed as a foot board. It’s a bit archaic, but works out very nicely.


Designing a bedroom with wicker furniture can be exciting.  It’s your taste that counts. If you love it, go with it. 

Choose from a wide variety of wicker style and color headboards. You may want to match furniture pieces by style and color or you may want to have the pieces work independently. 

You determine the size of the mattress frame you are trying to match and find a headboard to accommodate it.

You need to decide whether you want to mount the headboard on the bed frame or on the wall.

And don’t forget, with natural wicker furniture, you can paint it any color you want.  So, if it’s the color that’s holding you up, consider painting your wicker to meet your needs.

Check back for our next article to learn more about nightstands for bedrooms.

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