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All About Wicker

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Wicker Cabinet
Natural Wicker Cabinet

All About Wicker
Learn all about wicker furniture and wicker products. Wicker Living provides an in depth review of what wicker is all about. Learn what wicker is, what it is made from and what it is used for.

What Is Wicker?
Natural wicker is the name for something that is woven from reeds, willow, rattan palm or any other similar natural material. The vegetation is typically dried, then soaked in water to make it flexible, and then it is woven by hand to form the product weave design. Skilled crafter can weave extraordinary designs that make the furniture elegant and desirable. Furniture constructed of natural wicker, is hand crafted, durable, lightweight and comfortable. Wicker can be designed to be exotic for use in sun rooms, patios or other specialty places. It is easy to care for, versatile and extremely practical. For the most part, wicker is economical and can fit into nearly any decor. The low cost of the natural wicker material is slightly offset by the high quality and craftsmanship used to make the products.

Products Made From Wicker
In addition to furniture, wicker is designed into baskets, carpets, planters, hampers, wall hanging, lamps, trunks, baby cribs, trash baskets and more.

Wicker Quality
The highest quality natural wicker design, craftsmanship and materials are referred to as A-grade natural wicker. When you purchase A-grade natural wicker, you can be sure that you are purchasing the highest quality natural wicker there is.

Outdoor All-Weather Resin Wicker
The latest craze in the wicker industry is wicker made of man-made weather proof materials. This wicker is referred to by many different names, but is most commonly known by; all weather wicker, outdoor wicker, and indoor/outdoor wicker or resin wicker. Out door all-whether resin wicker has caused an increase in popularity of wicker products due to their versatility and elegance and the desirability to use them out doors. The large choice of color finishes, and low maintenance and durability has increased the popularity of all-weather wicker beyond comprehension.

Not only can all-weather wicker be used outdoors with minimal maintenance, it can be used indoors in sun rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms. It retains its beauty and smooth desirable texture for decades. Unlike natural wicker, outdoor wicker provides a smooth finish that feels like elite high finished furniture. The frames are aluminum, sturdy and won’t degrade over time. With some minor care, resin wicker will last a long time, remain comfortable and look like new for years to come.

Some of the most favorites of all-weather wicker are: gliders, rockers, chairs, love seats, gliders, lounge chairs, patio tables, patio chairs, ottoman and coffee tables.

Accessorizing Wicker Furniture
Wicker can be accessorized by adding deluxe custom fit cushions from a wide variety of custom fabric, blankets or throw pillows. Not all wicker pieces are made for the use of cushions. It is a good idea to only use cushions with wicker furniture that is made to accept cushions. Similarly, cushions should not be used with wicker furniture that is designed to be used strictly without cushions. Furniture designed to be used without cushions may not be as comfortable as furniture that is designed to be used with cushions. Furniture with a short seat will tend to be out of proportion with the body, in particular, the legs. Generally, furniture that is advertised with cushions provides a good clue that the furniture will fit and be comfortable with cushions. Similarly, wicker furniture that is designed not to have cushions fits well and is comfortable without cushions. Just to make it a little more confusing, many wicker designs can be used with or without cushions.

Decorating With Wicker
Designing a room with wicker is exciting because of the wicker design choices available. Many people choose a set or one style. On the other hand, many people choose different styles that don’t necessarily match similar to what one would do choosing furniture for a living room. It does not have to be all the same. But, if you like it that way, then you should buy it that way. One caution, if different styles are used to furnish a room, care should be taken to ensure the homeowner likes the individual styles before they are purchased.

About Finishes
Natural wicker tends to be available in two (2) to five (5) color finishes depending on where it is made. Whereas, outdoor resin wicker is available in up to ten (10) designer finishes, including one of our favorites, walnut which takes on the appearance of light and dark walnut colors. Natural wicker can be touched up if it gets scratched, dented or damaged. All weather wicker is made from a resin and holds the color throughout the thickness of the cane. Therefore, scratches don’t tend to show on all weather wicker products and typically don’t need to be touched up.

Cushions add comfort and style to wicker furniture. Ensure that high quality deluxe cushions are used for total comfort, fit and long lasting durability.

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