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Bar Tables and Stools

Bar Tables And Stools for Social

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Bar tables and stools are making a big hit in backyard decor.  Many of us have visited fancy hotels and vacation centers where we enjoyed the social pleasures of sipping drinks, nibbling on snacks, and enjoying the wonders of an ocean view.  You were most likely using a bar table and stool set while there.  You felt comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed yourself.  Now you can experience that same feel in your backyard with bar tables and stools at your casual furniture store.

The Craze

Bar table sets are very popular today because of two main reasons:

  1. They are comfortable.
  2. They work well in a social network.

Hotels and social clubs worldwide use bar tables and stools to benefit their clients and help them enjoy and take advantage of a social event.  Whether standing or sitting on bar stools, one feels comfortable and can socialize with the sitters or standers at nearly the same level.

Not long ago, furniture used in restaurants and bars was not commonly available to the general public.  Not because they would not sell them to you, it’s mainly because the retailers did not accept or show them.  They did not think it was casual furniture the common person would be interested in buying.  Nowadays, many vendors offer wonderful selections of bar chairs and tables with great colors and styles.  Having backyard parties and socializing is very popular, and the right furniture makes a big difference.

People increasingly use bar tables and stools in their backyards as the preferred outdoor furniture at social events.


There are many different types of construction, such as wicker, teak, and cast metals, but most are constructed to be used outdoors. The outdoor construction is important if used on your patio. Tables with glass tops are nice because they offer a smooth, level surface to set your drinks on.  Stools with seat outdoor cushions offer the resilience to ward off the elements and the comfort of sitting for a long time while socializing.

Bar Tables

Bar tables are typically round or square and have a table height in order of about 40 inches high and stools or stools with a seat height of approximately 29 inches off the ground.  Table tops typically range from 30 to 36 inches in diameter and can be accompanied by 2 or four chair stools.

Bar Chair Stools

Bar stools are available in many varieties.  The more desirable ones have backrests and arms.  Some have stationary seats, and others can swivel.  Most have a footrest 8 to 10 inches off the ground because the seat is much higher than a conventional chair.


Most outdoor models use removable tufted or foam chair cushions that can be easily taken indoors or stored in an outdoor storage container.  Other models may use strapping instead of a solid or semi-solid seat and may not need cushions.  For any of these types of stools, cushions are usually optional.

Tips On Choosing a Bar Tables And Stools

  • Choose Glass or Smooth Table Surface. (Important, so drinks don’t tip.)
  • Choose All-Weather Outdoor Design (Frames and Cushins)
  • Well-Balanced Table To Ensure It Does Not Tip If Easily Bumped or strong winds blow.
  • Consider Whether You Prefer Stationary v.s. Swivel Seats
  • Select Seats That Will Drain When They Get Wet


Pub tables and chairs are very popular for personal backyard use today.  People like to use pub sets to socialize around.  They are comfortable, whether standing or sitting.  It’s easy to move from one location to another and socialize.  It’s fun to sit up high on a pub stool.  Using pub sets can make you think you’re on vacation!

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