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Unlike most other things, a woven wicker basket is unique in that they can play many different roles in our lives as compared to other accents and storage pieces.  Recognizing what we can do with wicker baskets can help us use them more effectively for storage and for decoration.

A -Tisket, A-Tasket

Ella Fitzgerald made famous a song Titled; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>A Tisket, A Tasket.
This song for ever popularized and embedded the phrase A-Tisket, A-Tasket A Brown And Yellow Basket in our hearts and minds.  In fact most people don’t even realize where the saying came from.  She sang about a brown and yellow basket that she carelessly dropped and was picked up by a little girl and she was heart broken that she lost it.   

Even before when Ella was young,  say a few thousand years before,  baskets played a significant role in daily lives and certain baskets held significant sentimental value.  Things have not changed much since then.  Beautiful wicker baskets are crafted in extraordinary shapes, sizes and styles with which we have the opportunity to select from.  Not only can we choose baskets for their artistic beauty, we choose them to for different uses.

Traditional Woven Wicker Baskets

Although baskets can be made in differ ways from all different kinds of material, traditional baskets are woven.  As such, only a crafters imagination is the limit to the design and styles they can create.  There are so many types and styles of baskets they are too plentiful to list here.  Be it as it may, vintage wicker baskets are by far the most popular.  Woven baskets are artistic creations that usually are meant for a specific purpose in mind.  Basket makers weave designs into their product and colors are added to accentuate them.  Some extraordinary craftsmen have developed useful decorative woven gems and there appears to be loss in creativity.  

The Art of Basketry

Weaving a basket is not just an means to an end, its also an art.  Although many baskets are very plain with little or no apparent artistic value, many baskets are designed strictly to capture attention.  When you see a basket with an intricate weave pattern or one that is stained or painted to accentuate a pattern or design, these are the ones created by artists.  Since most baskets are hand made, you must recognize the skill and imagination behind the design coming from these artists.

Uses of Baskets

Some wicker baskets have lids and others are open.  Some have hinged access others have handles.   People use baskets for all sorts of reasons and ways.  In fact, you would be hard pressed not to find a woven basket in a home today.  Use them in your home to hold things in your bathroom that don’t have a place anywhere else. Wicker magazine holder baskets are popular in living rooms and offices. Place a plant pot in a basket to display and hide the pot, display the plant and show the basket.  Use them to hold hot food as its being served or as a tissue box holder next to your bed.  Hanging baskets are great in the kitchen to hold fruit and vegetables.  You can think up a million ways to use and display baskets to make your house a home. Regardless of what type of basket you have, find a way to display it as you would a painting. 


Although we never know whether Ella Fitzgerald got her red and yellow basket back, we do know that her song leaves us with one of the most amusing phrases about baskets that will likely live through the test of time.  Make sure you keep track of your baskets and put them to good use by displaying them prominently in your home.  Use them as a container or as art, but for no other reason, use woven baskets round the house.

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