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Care for cushions

Care for Cushions – A New Years Resolution

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In the past we have written about how you should care for your cushions.  In this post, we thought it might be helpful if it coincides with making a New Years resolution to help reinforce why caring for your cushions is so important and that committing to it now might actually help you care for them later in the year.

Reasons To Care For Cushions

Lets just come right out and say that there are 4 great reasons to care for cushions:

  1. They will last longer which saves you money and from having to shop for new ones
  2. They will feel better longer
  3. They will look better longer
  4. You will enjoy them longer

How To Care For Cushions

Keep them covered or stored inside when not being used for extended periods of time.  This keeps them from getting deteriorated by the ultraviolet sunlight and keeps excessive dirt, grime, moss and mildew from forming on them.  Clean them when they are dirty or at least once per year prior to storage.  Twice a year is preferred unless they need it more often.  Don’t allow heavy objects to rest on your cushions for long periods of time.  This will hasten the cushions to deflate prematurely.  Refer to our How To Care For Outdoor Patio Cushions post for more information.

The Purpose of Cushions

Cushions provide us comfort, one thing that we would prefer not to live without.  When we sit on a piece of furniture we want to feel comfortable and at ease so that we can enjoy ourselves while relaxing, talking or reading.  Cushions provide the soft contouring requirements that allow your body to conform to the shape and stiffness of a rigid furniture frame.  Without cushions, sitting on hard furniture would be, well, short term at best.  Caring for cushions will ensure you continue to have soft comfortable cushions that supply support for long time.

The Side Benefit of Cushions

Comfort is the main purpose, but besides that, there are a few side benefits that cushions provide that some people would insist on being their purpose.  However, unless they are strictly for decoration, then they really are not.  The side benefits are:

  • They Add Style to Furniture
  • They Provide Accent To Decor

The fabric pattern, color and shape of the cushions provide an aesthetic balance to the furniture.  The fabric pattern and colors help accent your decor.  Caring for your cushions will ensure that your furniture retains its style and continues to provide an accent to your decor.

Make a New Years resolution to care for your cushions this year so that you can enjoy them in great condition for a long time to come.  If your cushions are worn and you are ready to buy new cushions, learn what you need to know about wicker replacement cushions or deep seating cushions.

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