Caring Tips For Wicker Furniture

Wicker Desk

Wicker Desk

Without a doubt, wicker furniture can be the perfect addition to your home’s patio, garden or deck if you’re looking to make a beautiful outdoor statement; however, just like indoor furniture, your outdoor wicker furniture deserves a little TLC as well. In order to maintain the natural elegance and beauty of your wicker ottomans, love seats, bar stools— you name it, you’ll need to keep in mind these simple tips.

With proper care, your wicker furniture can last you many, many years.

  1. Dust: To remove dust, you will likely need both a brush attachment for the actual wicker and a suitable extension for cleaning the cushions (if you have them). With regular cleaning, you’ll be able to prevent the accumulation of unwanted dirt and dust in crevices. If any dust, dirt or fur becomes lodged within these crevices, do not attempt to remove them with the vacuum attachments. Instead, use a clean, dry paint brush or tweezers to remove it.
  2. Wash: Because of the woven fibers in wicker, wood polish is probably not the best solution for a good cleaning. When it comes time to wash the wicker frame, create a mixture of 2 tablespoons of ammonia and 1 gallon of water. If you would rather not make your own cleaning solution, you can probably find other recommended products for cleaning wicker at your local hardware store.
  3. Watch the Weave: While you’re getting in between the weaves of the wicker while you are cleaning it, you’ll likely notice that the weave spacing will shift, therefore, once you’re done cleaning it, make sure to work to even it out. Leaving these weave spaces unchecked can actually stress and weaken the structure of your furniture.
  4. Add cushions: Did you think that cushions for wicker furniture were designed for the sole use of comfort? The truth is that adding cushions to your furniture not only adds an aesthetic appeal and comfortable place to sit, cushions can actually protect the weave of your wicker and prolong the life of the piece itself.
  5. Spills and Excessive Water: While it may seem obvious, it bears repeating: clean all spills immediately. You can usually easily wipe off whatever you spill on the frame of the wicker piece; however, if you do accidentally spill anything on the cushions, a clean dampened cloth with a light detergent may help lift a potential stain. On the other hand, if your wicker furniture gets drenched as a result of heavy rain (or a sprinkler malfunction), it is important to dry the wicker as soon as possible. Then, place the dry pieces in a shady area where there is adequate airflow, and be sure to fix whatever weave space shifting happened during the drying process.

Follow these tips to ensure the life and alluring sophistication of your wicker sets.

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