Catch Up With Seasonal Activities and Take Care of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture for the Winter

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A few weeks ago we published an article Winter Is Coming! Time to Store Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture where we provided some great tips on what to do to get your outdoor furniture ready for winter.  This weeks article stresses the importance of taking care of your patio furniture and cushions in the hopes that if you have not already taken care of them, that you will now take appropriate action.

All Furniture Types Susceptible to Aging and Deterioration

Regardless of the type of outdoor patio furniture and cushions you have, caring for them during the long winter months is very important.  Inclement weather conditions such as rain freezing temperatures, dampness and exposure to additional hours of sunlight when your furniture is not being used can only shorten its expected life, worsen its appearance and put undue stress on its components deteriorating it slowly over time.

Aging of Outdoor Furniture

You can improve the deterioration of your furniture by taking care of it when it’s not being used.  Why accelerate that inevitable process when just a little care taken can help extend the life and look of your furniture and ultimately save you money.  By covering and/or storing your furniture out of the direct elements you will extend its life and keep it looking better longer.

Mice and Other Rodents Like Cushions

Whether you store your cushions inside or outside, please recognize that mice and other rodents look for places to make a warm home in the winter and cushions are a perfect place for them to live and raise young.  They like to chew holes through the fabric coves and live inside the cushions.   Make sure this does not happen to you.  If you store your cushions anywhere that mice and other rodents can find them,  include some moth balls around the cushions to deter the vermin.  Don’t worry about the mothball odor absorbed by the cushions while in storage, a few days or so outside in the spring and they will be completely aired out.

Great Weather to Get Some Work Done

In the Northeast, and other regions around the United States, we are experiencing better than normal weather conditions allowing us to do things outside that we might otherwise blow-off and leave till later or not at all.  Take advantage of the great weather and do something about covering or storing your outdoor patio furniture while you have cooperating weather.

I made room in my cellar and I will be moving my furniture and cushions inside this week. 

What are your plans?

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