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Category: Cushions

Resin Wicker Double Glider

Outdoor Replacement Cushions

If you have been contemplating purchasing an outdoor replacement cushion online for your patio furniture, then you are not alone.  Cushions eventually will wear out and become unsightly or no longer provide the comfort they once had.  If your furniture cushions fall in that scenario, you are also in line to

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Set of Three Wicker Cushions

Wicker Cushions For Standard Wicker Furniture

Wicker cushions for standard wicker furniture references the common names many people use when referring to cushions they use on standard wicker.  Wicker cushions are cushions used on wicker furniture.  Standard wicker furniture is wicker furniture that can be used with or without cushions.  Cushions are not necessary on standard wicker

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Care for cushions

Care for Cushions – A New Years Resolution

Introduction In the past we have written about how you should care for your cushions.  In this post, we thought it might be helpful if it coincides with making a New Years resolution to help reinforce why caring for your cushions is so important and that committing to it now

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Tips For Buying Deep Seating Cushions

Tips for Buying Deep Seating Cushions

Introduction Going out to buy your first set of replacements can be a scary experience.  Deep seating cushions are expensive, and you don’t want to make a rookie mistake, become frustrated and waste your time and money.  Following these tips will ensure you do the right thing, receive the quality

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Tips For Buying Wicker Replacement Cushions

6 Tips For Buying Wicker Replacement Cushions

Introduction If you are new to wicker furniture, you may not know the routine that experienced outdoor furniture owners know about shopping for wicker replacement cushions. Even if you are an experienced shopper, these 6 tips will reinforce your awareness and insight into smart shopping. Wicker cushions are used to

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Swivel Rocker Cushions

Why You May Need Swivel Rocker Replacement Cushions?

Swivel Rocker Replacement Cushions It’s important to know when you need swivel rocker replacement cushions because you may be using a cushion that does not support you properly, or it may be an eyesore even though it feels good.  Taking the time to evaluate your swivel rocker cushion will ensure

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Set of Wicker Cushions

Tufted Three Piece Cushion Set

Introduction When you go shopping for a tufted three piece cushion set for your patio wicker furniture, don’t settle for limited box store offers. Buy a three piece set from a cushion maker that you’ll really like, that will fit and save money on by purchasing a set. Shopping for

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Replacement Chaise Lounge Cushions

Introduction When your old chaise lounge cushions are worn and unsightly, you need to replace them with a new set of cushions.  Replacing your old cushions with new ones will improve your decor and probably result in improved comfort. Tufted Chaise Lounge Cushions Most people will lean toward buying tufted

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Replace Deep Seating Csuhions

Replace Deep Seating Cushions

Introduction Deciding when and how to replace deep seating cushions can be a challenge and an expense.  But replacing your deep seating cushions when worn out or the fabric pattern no longer meets your needs is necessary for peace of mind and should be done as soon as you realize

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