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New Wicker Living Website Near Completion

Introduction Its been a long time in the making but Wicker Living, LLC’s newly revamped website is getting close to completion and ready for prime time.  With the release of our new website, our customers will enjoy the ease of finding products and product information and providing feedback on

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Prepare Your Patio Furniture For Winter

Having a game plan of what needs to be done to prepare your patio furniture for winter is a necessity in todays world.  The cost of quality furniture deserves that care be taken to ensure its long term use with minimal deterioration.  Getting up the ambition to prepare your patio for

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The Chicago International Casual Furniture Show

Introduction Wholesalers and retailers attend the Casual Furniture Show. It’s a place where manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers go to strengthen old and forge new relationships. It’s the place where retailers see and buy the latest designs in new innovative outdoor furniture that they offer to you in stores and on

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How to Relax On Your Patio Furniture

Introduction  Learning how to relax on your patio furniture is not a hard thing to do.  Relaxing comes easy for some people.  For others, it’s difficult because of work matters, family problems, spousal issues, work activities and the list goes on.  This article will help you become cognoscente of the

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Large Wicker Ottoman Furniture with Foam Cushion
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Ottoman Furniture For The Head and Feet

Introductory Ottoman Furniture This article discusses the ottoman and its place in our home and why you may want to use them.  The ottoman, which originated in Turkey and made its way through the Ottoman Empire to Europe and to the new world, sits in front of us with great

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Wicker Living, LLC Approved to Sell Lloyd Flanders Wicker Furniture

Wicker Living, LLC (Wicker Living) has an exciting announcement to share today.  In our continuous attempts to provide superior products and customer service to our customers, we are happy to announce that we have been approved to begin selling Lloyd Flanders wicker furniture products.  Lloyd Flanders is a leading manufacturer

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How To Secure Your Furniture From Theft and Damage

In as much as we want to believe our fellow Americans are trustworthy people, unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people out there that simply break the mold and we must take unprecedented action to ensure that our cherished (and expensive) possessions don’t disappear from our property by way of thieves.

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Seasonal Decorating With Wicker

Wicker furniture was traditionally made from natural material and used both indoor and outside.  As new synthetic materials were invented, manufacturers began to make wicker and other patio furnitures from these synthetic materials. The durability of the resins allowed companies to market resin furniture to consumers as outdoor furniture.  

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Three Organic Materials Used in Wicker Furniture

Wicker has evolved greatly over the many centuries humans have been using it as furniture. It has gone from a necessity for carrying and surviving to an incredibly diverse niche market. And with those changes came an evolution and solidification in the materials used to create what we know and

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