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Top 10 thinks to know shopping for wicker furniture

Top 10 Things To Know Shopping For Wicker

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If shopping for wicker furniture or, any other furniture for that matter is new to you, don’t be discouraged about the gravity of the situation.  Below is a guide to help you know what you should be asking or looking for about the potential furniture you are shopping for. Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make decisions and bring you at ease that you are buying a quality product from a reputable supplier at a reasonable price.

Some of the questions are about the product itself and others are about the service and warranty provided.

1. What type of material is the frame made from?

Depending on the size and style of the furniture, it’s important to understand the frame construction.  If used outdoors, you need to make sure that the frame is suitable for outdoor use.

2. What type of material is the wicker weave made from?

Polyethylene and polypropylene are the two best wicker resins.  Polyethylene is the more desirable of the two, but don’t weigh the polypropylene too harshly if you find a set you are in love with. If the type of resin can not be positively identified, don’t buy it.  There are many cheap resins that look great for about two years then begin to degrade quickly. Unfortunately, you can’t tell the difference between the resins by looking at them when they are new.

3. What type of material are the covers and cushions made from?

Resistance to sunlight and water damage are important if used outdoors.  If high use furniture, you want to make sure that the fabric can withstand high use.  Indoor fabric should only be used indoors.  All-weather fabric is great because of the availability of many print designs, but will tend to fade over time.  It needs to be covered or taken inside to look good longer.  Sunbrella fabric is great for  sunny areas and will last for years without fading sitting in full sunlight.  It can also be cleaned with laundry bleach.

4. Are the feet adjustable? 

Some furniture have adjusters on the bottom of the feet to help level the furniture and keep it from rocking.

5. What is the weight limit of the furniture?

This is an important question when people sitting on the furniture exceed about 200 pounds. Many outdoor furniture sets are not rated at all. Most furniture will hold up to about 200 pounds, but anything over that may require furniture built to withstand the required weight.

6. Do they have want you want?

Before you make the deal, make sure they have the color finish and fabric you want in stock.

7. What is the warranty on the frame and the cushions?

There should be at least a one year warranty on the frame.  Most dealers only warrant cushions against manufacturers defects if found within the first 10-30 days.

8. What is the company’s return policy?

Make sure it’s something you can deal with should you receive the furniture and want to return it.

9. What is the shipping or delivery charge?

10. Who should you contact should you have a problem?

Using these guidelines will help you with what you need to know when shopping for wicker furniture.

Check back for our next article to learn more about wicker wall cabinets.

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