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This article discusses the importance of supplying customer reviews to retailers.  This feedback benefits the retailer and ultimately you, by providing information you like and dislike about your shopping experience at their on-line store.  Retailers react to your comments and ultimately make corrections to keep and attract new customers. Customers react by shopping with retailers that work to improve their products and services ultimately leading to quality shopping sites.

The Purpose

The purpose of a customer review is three-fold.  First, it provides the retailer with the information they need to evaluate their products and services from a customer’s perspective.  Second, to help improve their products and services to their customers. And third, to enhance a customer’s shopping experience by posting customer feedback for customer’s to review while shopping on their website.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is really a simple concept and one that should not be taken lightly by most retailers.  Customer reviews have played a significant role in improving shopping and the services retailers provide both in brick and mortar stores and especially with on-line stores. Most credible on-line retailers provide you a place where you can submit a review of specific products and will post worthy contributions.  These are typically called product reviews. These usually are found in the details page of the product. In addition to comments, you usually get to rate a product using a scale from one to five stars.  General comments about a company’s product or services can be submitted via a testimonial page or comments form.  Recognize that you may have to already have an account or set one up in order to contribute.  This keeps mischief makers, spammers and other undesirables from easily faking comments without being recognized.


Take advantage of the opportunity to praise a company that does an outstanding job in assisting you or who provides you a top notch product.  There can be many different reasons for complementing them so be specific.

Constructive Comments

When things did not work out so well and you want to convey your distaste about a shopping experience that went bad, don’t be mean or angry.  No one wants read or receive constructive comments poised in a very repugnant way. Your anger won’t help and might not get published.  If you have had a rotten experience, cool down first before you write.  Write in a calm voice expressing what you expected and why the service or product did not meet your expectation.

Think About It

Think about what you liked or disliked about your shopping experience.  People reading your comments will appreciate what you have to say whether its complementary in nature or constructive.  A clear concise expression is a valuable asset to someone who reads it.  Speak in plain language and don’t use extraordinary words that evade readers.

At Wicker Living, we just upgraded to a new website design.  Our old site did not have the ability to accept customer reviews, except through a customer contact form.  Our new website is state-of-the-art design and has a place for you to add Product Ratings and Customer Reviews as well as a Testimonial Page where you can read what others have said about our products and services.

Social Media

In addition to providing customer reviews and testimonials on our website, we encourage customers to leave feedback on our Google+ page.  Placing a review on a retailers Google+ page helps people find websites for vendors that have value and are trusted for their customer friendly website design, quality products and superb customer services.  Submitting a Google review only takes a few minutes. If you already have a Google Account, sign-in to your Google+ account, type the name of the company such as Wicker Living in the search bar and hit enter.  Next click on the “Write a Review” button.  When your done writing, click the “Publish” button.  Thats it.

If you don’t already have a Google+ account, on the URL line type:,  Then click “Create and Account”.  After you have created an account.   Follow the remaining instructions above to write and publish a review of a vendor.


A well written customer review will go  a long way to improving shopping experiences as we head deeper into on-line shopping with both desktops and mobile devices.  Provide clear concise notations about your shopping experience. Use plain language.  Don’t write mean angry comments. Be respectful.  Don’t use words that may be difficult for someone to understand.  Submitting a good customer review will ensure that you have played your part in expressing your shopping experience, assisted the vendor in understanding customer needs and wants and to have provide quality information to customers shopping at that on-line retailer to help them make decisions about shopping with a particular vendor.

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