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Wicker Set

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Furnishing your patio can be an enjoyable yet a challenging task.  Using a wicker set is a smart way to go for a number of reasons.  Quality wicker is economical.  Even though you may pay a little more than the discounted box store  brands, you generally get a much better product which will last for many years.   Its low maintenance and the selection of  new and quality replacement cushions and fabrics make it easy to change things up if you tired of the old fabric design and want to make a new look. 

Wicker Sets

A wicker set is a collection of furniture sold by furniture stores that include certain pieces of wicker furniture that make up a set.  Depending on the model or style, sets can be made up of different pieces.  The classic wicker set offered by most wicker stores is a set that consists of one (1)- loveseat, two (2)-chairs and and one (1)- coffee table.  The more modern designs of wicker furniture include sectionals.  Each supplier groups their sectionals differently.  So, there is no standard wicker set for sections.   

Wicker Set Designs

The popularity of wicker furniture has unsurpassed most furniture designers expectations.  Quality resin outdoor wicker furniture is extremely durable and available in may styles and colors making it a hit for a wide variety of people’s tastes.

Resin wicker furniture is available in two different types:

  1. Standard wicker and ,
  2. Deep seating wicker

Standard wicker can be used with or without seat cushions.  Deep seating wicker requires thick seat and back cushions because you can’t sit on the furniture without the cushions.

Standard wicker is generally used when you want to design a casual atmosphere or when you have a limited budget. Tufted or foam seat cushions can be added to make long sitting times more comfortable. 

Deep seating wicker is typically used when you want to have a little more elegance added to your decor and enjoy the deep seating experience of thick comforting cushions.  The new sectionals are all deep seating and becoming very popular because you can easily rearrange the sections.

Choosing a wicker set is a choice that is entirely yours.  Pick one that makes you feel good.  Look them over and spend some time evaluating the different designs and features.  One wicker set will surely stand out as the one you are willing to let become part of your patio scape. 


Quality wicker sets are economical because they are durable and last a long time so you get the best for your money.  Resin wicker is low maintenance.  You can find standard and deep seating patio sets with different designs and a wide selection of cushion fabrics.  Buying replacement cushions in the future is easy and if you choose a new fabric, you can change the the entire look of your set.  Best of all, with the different varieties available, you can choose whats right for you.

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