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When decorating a room, one of the easiest ways to provide elegance and style to it is to add throw pillows to your furniture.  Adding decorative accent pillows to furniture will improve the atmosphere of the room and comfort to your family and visitors.  In addition,  knowing that you have added the finishing touches to your decor will provide you a little pice of mind. 

Pillows have long been a creature comfort item as well as a decoration in homes and offices around the world. Different types of furniture as well as the decor of the room or patio setting dictate the type of pillow, the fabric & colors and patterns you choose.

Choosing The Right Throw Pillow

Basic throw pillow (or toss pillow) selections available from most stores are square or round. Custom pillows with rectangular or irregular shapes are a little harder to find.  If you need a special shape that is found on the shelves, you will have to contact a cushion maker and have pillows custom made to order. This is not uncommon at all since most pillows shown in stores are limited in selection.

The most popular choice throw pillows are square pillows.  People seem to have a love affair with square throw pillows over the round ones for some reason.  But there are definite decorating advantages to round pillows.

Many people choose pillow shapes to match the shapes of their furniture and the comfort it will provide using it to support their back or head.  But, a decorator with a keen eye will choose a throw pillow to accent the decor to draw you in to a specific piece of furniture or pull together the colors of the room. In some cases, pillows will be chosen or designed to act like a piece of art to provoke your inner expression and imagination.

Pillow Sizes

Throw pillow sizes range from 12 inches up to and above 24 inches.  Smaller sized throws are used on furniture as support or as accent pillows. Extra larger size throws are generally used on the floor of a lounges, game rooms or bedrooms.

Pillow Styles

Two basic pillow styles are found in stores and through designers.  Knife edge and boxed.  Knife edge pillows are pillows that are made with two panels and are sewn together with one seam along the edge.  Square Boxed pillows are pillows that have six panels; a front, back and four sides.  Round boxed pillows have three panels; a front, back and one continuous side. 


Piping is the corded trim that is added to a pillows that has two functions.  It provides a decorative outline of selected seams and it protects the seams from ware.  Optionally, knifed edged pillows will have one single line of piping along the outside seam.  Boxed pillows have two lines of piping, one a long the front panel edge and one along the back.  Piping as well as boxing tends to add a more sophisticated elegant look to a pillow.

Fabric Choices

Typical stores do not provide a wide range of fabric selections for pillows.  That is because they have to buy and stock the product so they need to limit their inventory.  However, shopping with a cushion maker who custom makes cushions you want, provides the greatest latitude for getting the type of cushion you want and in the fabric you want it in.


Functionally, throw pillows help support your body but artistically, they provide a wonderful decorative ambiance to a home.  Shape, style, size and choice of fabric all play important role in the use of throw pillows. Choose from square or round shapes and knife edge or boxed styles.  Select fabric appropriate for your decor that blends together or accents.

Most importantly, if you want or need a special style pillow or need one with a special fabric, contact a cushion maker and talk to them about making pillows for you.

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