Decorating With Wicker Furniture

3 Seat Wicker Sofa

Wicker Sofa


Decorating with wicker furniture is easy and fun to do.  With wicker, you can fill your home with  different styles of elegant hand crafted furniture turning living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms into beautiful show pieces that you can enjoy for years to come. 

Wicker v.s. Other Types

Unlike other types of furniture, wicker furniture is unique in that, it is almost entirely hand made and from hundreds of pieces that need to be crafted together to form the design and style intended by the maker.  It is within the style and design that wicker is considered more art than furniture.

Wicker Seating

Wicker tables and seating are available in various styles ranging from simple basic styles to intricate elegant ones.  Choose your favorites and arrange them in your rooms into your favorite layout.  Chairs and tables can be arranged for socializing, reading or watching TV.  Select coffee tables and end tables to accent your seating.  Choose wicker end tables and lamps to complement your seating.

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms take a little more thought as to what style of furniture you want to use.  Wicker dining room furniture provides a warm elegant style that complements other types of accent pieces.  Consider a buffet and hutch if you have the room, they really make a dining room look like a dining room.


Bedrooms are another room in your home that you can decorate with wicker.  If your interested in elegant bedroom style, consider the Florentine wicker design.  It is elegantly styled with contoured front panels and drawers and intricate weaving.  Use a large six drawer dresser with a large thirty six inch round mirror as a starting point.  Add two night stands along side the bed and perhaps a five drawer chest or wardrobe for additional storage.  Arrange the furniture so that it is accessible and so that each piece presents itself as a accent to the rooms decor.


Have fun shopping and piecing together new furniture for your home.  Look for pieces that make you feel good and will accentuate your existing decor.

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