Decorating Your Bedroom With Wicker Furniture

Wicker Bedroom Furniutre

Hampton Bay Four Drawer Wicker Dresser

Decorating can be a hard thing to do for some people.  On the other hand, when you have an idea of what you want, it makes it a lot easier to visualize the outcome.

Bedrooms don’t have to be complicated, but you want them to be attractive and you want to be able to look around the room every day and be pleased with what you see and use.  When you are in need of ideas, simple is a great place to start and then build on that.  You need a place to sleep, something to put your alarm clock, telephone and drinks on, a place to keep your clothes and a mirror.  That breaks down to a bed, nightstand, dresser  and a mirror at its simplest form.

Bed and Wicker Headboards

For an average size bedroom, you won’t be able to get too many pieces of furniture in before over crowding takes place.  So, start with the bed size that best fits your needs.  and choose a wicker headboard for that size bed.  Some conventional bed sizes are:

  • Standard twin mattress is: 39W x 75L in.
  • Extra Long (XL) twin mattress is: XL 39W x 80L in.
  • Standard full/double mattress is: 54W x 75L in.
  • Extra Long (XL) full/double mattress is: 54W x 80L in.
  • Standard queen mattress: 60W x 80L in.
  • Standard king mattresses : 76W x 80L in.

Headboards for these size beds will match the width of the bed and frame.  All headboards will match the width, but the height of the headboards will vary depending on the design.

Wicker Nightstands

If you have a one person bed, you probably only need one nightstand and pick the side of the bed you would prefer to use it on.  If there are two sharing the bed, there should be a nightstand on each side of the bed.  The size and design of the wicker nightstand is important.  In its simplest form a night table does not have drawers.  Others have two or three draws.  Think about what you would normally keep on top of the nightstand and in the drawers so you can choose the right size and style.  Typical uses that take up the most space for the top are a night light, radio/alarm clock, tissue box and TV controller.  Nightstand drawers are typically used to hold undergarments and sox.  Once you know what you will use the nightstand for, pick one with the size and style that suits your needs.

Wicker Dressers and Chests

Dressers will hold the remainder of of your folded attire.  Dressers come in all different sizes, shapes and different drawer layouts.  A six drawer dress is the most popular size dresser to use if it is the only dresser in the room.  Other combinations of dressers, chests and wardrobes can be used where space permits.  

Dressers are designed so that you can get dressed in front of the dresser and use a mirror.  Chests can range in different heights making it inconvenient to use with a mirror.  So, be careful on your choice.  Review the hight of the dresser or chest so you are aware of whether you will be able to mount a mirror on the wall above it and be able to use it.

Drawer layout is another important item to know about.  For some dressers and chests, the drawers are all the same size.  Whereas, others may have a large drawer that spans the width and others that are have the size sitting side by side.  These types of drawer layouts provide you with optionality on how to use them.  Larger drawers allow you to lay out longer items where smaller width drawers can be used from smaller or folded clothes.

Things To Consider For Room Layout and Furniture Choices

  • Overall Space
  • Bed Size and what wall the headboard should be against.  Consider lighting and where the bedroom TV will be located if applicable.
  • Nightstand size, number of nightstands, style
  • Dresser and chest sizes and style.  Consider dresser and mirror placement.
  • Mirror size and shape.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different furniture types and finishes.  Remember, what you like is all that matters.

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