Free Up Some Space with Wicker Storage

Round Baskt

We have a propensity to clutter our lives with things. Our homes are supposed to be the place where we retreat to relax, enjoy our friends and family and take time to reflect on the wonderful things we have in life. We are all guilty of sometimes letting those wonderful things take over our incredible spaces. By using wicker storage pieces to organize and store your articles you can re-create the zen you always desired to have in your home.


We have a variety of shelving options for you. You can choose wall mounted shelving to store things like trophies, or extra china. Your DVD collection may fit well as well as your treasured books. Anything that you can fit on a shelf, we have a shelf for you. If you have a bigger collection or items you can always go with our etagere collection.


Using baskets for storage is becoming more and more popular. You don`t have to use them just for laundry any more. If you have a crafter in your home, baskets can provide a fabulous place for storage. Yarn, needles , sewing materials and so much more can find their new home in the baskets.  Wicker storage baskets provide an attractive and decorative wicker centerpiece to any of your homes.


Are you tired of packing away your winter or summer clothes in plastic bins that don’t let them breathe? Is your entryway cluttered with scarves, hats and mitts? A wicker trunk is your answer. Breathable due to the weaved texture it provides a great place to store all of your excess clothing that may not be currently in use.

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