Hang With a Wardrobe

Wicker Wardrobe

Wicker Wardrobe


When a room is deficient in closet space, one must consider good options in lieu of reconstructing your home to obtain more closet space to hang certain clothes.  A wicker wardrobe, also known as an armoire, can fill the void left by small built-in closets allowing you to hang and store more clothes.

Wardrobes Armoires and Chifforobes

Wicker wardrobes and armoires are essentially the same thing.  These are basically portable closets that you can hang clothes in.  Chifforobes are a little different. They usually are designed so that one side is a closet and the other a stack of drawers.  Although not proper, many people use the terms  wardrobe, armoire and chifforobe interchangeably.

Why The Need for Wardrobes

There are a few direct and indirect reasons why wicker wardrobes were historically popular and why they are popular today as a piece of bedroom furniture.  In the early days prior to 1900, homes were simple and many not built with closets. What closets were built into homes were small. Back then people’s lives was a lot more simple. On average, women owned and wore less than 4 dresses.  Men owned and wore a couple pair of work clothes and one Sunday church suit.  As a result, there was not a big need for for large closets to hang clothes.  Clothes that needed to be hung could all fit in one small bedroom closet or wardrobe.  The rest of the clothes could be stored in dressers and chests.

It wasn’t till after the 1970’s that people began to increase their collection of clothes in a big way and the need for larger and larger closets began to take foothold in the housing industry.

Interestingly enough, people still live in the houses and apartments built over the past 115 years that have small closets yet their collection of clothes are enormous as compared to years past.   Not only do women have large wardrobes today, so do men.  Inventory of my own walk-in closet shows I have way too many hanging clothes than I really need or ware. 

Wicker Wardrobes Are Pieces of Furniture

As a portable closet, a wardrobe is a pice of furniture that can be strategically placed in a room.  It can be used not only to store your hanging clothes, it is a piece of your decor.  As mentioned above, the names of wardrobes and chifforobes are being used interchangeably.  The designs of many of todays wardrobes include drawers on the bottom under a set of double doors.  Its a hybrid of sorts between a conventional chifforobe and a wardrobe but a very practical piece of furniture.  Overseas manufacturers will typically name them wardrobes.

Use them in bedrooms along walls, in corners or beside beds to expand your clothes storage space.  Enjoy their beauty and uniqueness that no other piece of furniture can provide.  Choose from various colors and designs that coordinate with your decor.

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