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How to Clean Your Furniture Cushions

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Rattan Swivel Rocker with Cushion
Rattan swivel rocker and swivel rocker cushion

Wicker is a hard, durable surface. In order for you to get your full enjoyment out of your furniture, it is important to have soft, enjoyable cushions to provide support and comfort on your wicker pieces. The cleaning for both your indoor and outdoor cushions can vary widely on your use and your fabric of choice. These ideas are, of course, very general and you should always consult with the manufacturer of your favorite piece before doing any major cleaning.

Spot Cleaning 

Spot Cleaning is an important part of caring for your wicker furniture cushions. Like any piece of fabric, before doing any major spot cleaning you should check for color fastness on the under side of any cushion.

Once you have determined colorfastness, you can use a mixture of one part laundry detergent to four parts warm water. Gently dab any stains in a small circular motion until you see the stain lift. If it is set in, you may need to scrub the area with a toothbrush a little bit.

To rinse this and ensure there is no soapy residue, dab the same motion with plain water.

 Deep Cleaning  

Every now and again you may get the urge to do a deep clean on your cushions. This is a great idea and will provide longevity to your wicker furniture. Some people do this once a year, some do it once a season. The frequency may depend on how often you use the furniture and how dirty it gets.

To do a deep cleaning you should add one scoop or cap full of laundry detergent to your bathtub and fill it just under half way with warm water. Once soapy, submerse the cushions until fully soaked.

You may do the spot treatment for set in stains as described above. Once you have rubbed them thoroughly, rinse under a cool streak such as a shower head or a hose.

You may hang them to dry. 

Outdoor Furniture 

Modern outdoor wicker furniture uses either powder coated steel or aluminum frames and resin fabric woven over the frames. Higher end quality resins won’t fade or crack like inferior ones do.   When you wash your outdoor furniture, make sure you pay special attention to the frames and resin. If you discover, fading, rusting or cracking, contact a wicker specialist for assistance to improve the longevity of your furniture.

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