How to Clean Your Wicker Trunk

Wicker Trunk

Natural Wicker Trunk

Wicker products are known for their durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal. All kinds of furniture is made from wicker materials, from baskets and decorations to chairs and storage trunks. Wicker trunks are very popular due to their many uses. From storing toys and games, to bedding, linen, and even laundry – wicker trunks are durable, spacious, and look great anywhere in the house. Caring for them requires keeping them clean and protected from damage, such as mold or breakage, as wicker is made of natural, organic materials. By taking simple precautions and cleaning your wicker trunk on a regular basis you can enjoy its many uses for years to come.

Seal Before You Clean! 

One of the simplest tricks to ensure easier and more effective cleaning of your wicker trunk is to paint and seal it, protecting the natural wicker materials from moisture. A coat of varnish or lacquer should do the trick. You may also paint it with high-quality interior paint to match your decor. Follow this with a coat of furniture wax as sealer to ensure your wicker is protected from damage caused by excess water.

Effectively Cleaning Your Wicker Trunk

The most important thing to remember when cleaning your wicker trunk is to use as little water as possible. Water can cause the wicker material to harden once it dries, which can then make it more susceptible to breakage.

To clean your wicker trunk simply follow these steps: 

1. Using a soft brush, lightly dust the inside of the trunk, wiping away dirt and debris. You may also use a vacuum cleaner with the dust attachment to remove the dust from the inside of the trunk.

2. Clean the outside of the trunk in a similar fashion, using a dust brush or a soft cloth.

3. To get rid of grime or stains, use warm water with some mild detergent or wood soap and gently wipe the trunk, taking care to use as little water as possible.

4. Make sure the trunk is thoroughly dried before storing things inside or placing objects on top of it.

Wicker trunks are a great addition to the home. Used as storage chests, coffee tables, or simply as decoration they are not only useful but stylish as well, and can fit into practically any setting. Keeping them clean and protected from damage is important, but most of all: it’s easy. By sealing your wicker trunk, gently cleaning it regularly, and keeping it away from excess water, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your wicker trunk for many years.

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