How to Turn Your Old Beat Up Wicker Chair into the Highlight of the Room in 7 Steps

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An old wicker chair never goes away and dies, it gets reincarnated into a fresh new attractive piece of wicker furniture and goes on living.

If this is your first round with natural wicker chair that has seen better days, don’t be so bashful that you are afraid to try your skill at rejuvenating it.  Natural wicker is one of the easiest types of furniture to work with and make looking good even for amateurs.

Natural wicker is made from organic materials which makes it ideal for refurbishing.  When natural wicker is spruced up it looks like new again and with a little extra help and imagination it can look spectacular.

To turn that old wicker chair into an attractive piece of furniture follow these 7 steps:

  1. Clean your chair with a mild detergent, water and soft brush then rinse.  Let it thoroughly dry.
  2. Choose a color spray paint that will coordinate well with your decor.  Don’t be afraid to make a bold color choice.
  3. Spray paint your chair.  Use several light coats rather than trying to put it on heavy. It should look rich in color.
  4. Pick out coordinating fabric that will help make your chair stand out.
  5. Get a cushion and throw pillow made from your fabric choice.
  6. Use yarn or colored string and weave shapes or designs covering part of the existing back rest adding a colorful coordinated accent to your chair.
  7. Set your finished chair on display in your home or porch and enjoy it for many more years to come.

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