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Is Resin Wicker Waterproof

Is Resin Wicker Waterproof?

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If you wonder, “Is resin wicker waterproof?” the answer may not surprise you.  Resin wicker is made from a plastic-like material called resin that cannot be harmed or affected by water.  Water beads off and can’t be absorbed.  Therefore, when used to make wicker furniture, the furniture is waterproof.


Wicker furniture has come a long way over the past 30 years.  Before the advent of high-quality resins and quality metal frames, wicker outdoor furniture was made of natural materials.  It faded, twisted, and degraded in outdoor conditions. Ultimately it became a maintenance headache, and the search was on for a better way.

Perfected resins over the past 20 years with color additives and ultraviolet light inhibitors have taken the wicker industry to a glorious new level.  Wicker lovers can now use the furniture they love outdoors without much care or worry.  It will last for many years while it still holds the charming characteristics of natural wicker and its color without all the degradation issues.

When modern styles of furniture began to enter the market, outdoor wicker furniture began to make its debut.  Known commonly as resin wicker or all-weather wicker, this furniture had what people were looking for in an outdoor product;  style and durability for outdoor use with little or no maintenance.  Today, when you shop for resin wicker furniture, you will find it in abundance.


Resin wicker can be constructed using different materials.  The main components of the furniture include a resin cover woven over metal frames.  Different resins and various metals dictate how durable the overall product can be.

Quality resin furniture will use high-quality resins like high-density polyethylene with aluminum frames.  This type of resin and frame construction is resilient against menacing outdoor conditions such as rain, wind, water, and ultraviolet light from the sun that can otherwise degrade the furniture materials.

The resin is 100 percent waterproof.  It will not absorb water or be affected by any other outdoor elements under normal conditions.  Since the resin is woven over the metal frames, the wicker frame is waterproof.  Whether it rains or you wash it down with a hose, water will not affect wicker furniture.  The wicker can be wiped down to dry up any dampness left on the surface by dew or rain.  You can easily leave it out in the sun to dry if it gets wet.


Many types of resin wicker furniture require cushions or can use cushions for added comfort.  Cushions crafted using outdoor-worthy materials can be considered water-resistant.  Through use, cushions can become porous, and water can seep into the inside of the cushion.  To keep your cushions water-resistant, use an outdoor waterproofing spray like Scotchgard Outdoor Water Seal on the covers once per year or after each major cleaning. 

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