Keep Your Wicker Furniture Safe This Halloween

Beware of Mischief Night


It’s that season again when Halloween can bring some mischief makers out that may play havoc around your house and damage your wicker furniture and other valuables .  You may want to do a little preparation to limit any potential damage that could be caused by mischief makers by following a few simple tips.

Typical Damages By Mischief Makers

Mischief night brings out teenagers with the intent to do things that may cause inconvenience or damage to you and your home all in the name of fun. 

They do things like:

  • Smash Pumpkins
  • Throw raw eggs at you house or car
  • Soap Windows
  • Throw corn at your house or car
  • Damage property
  • Steal property

Precaution Tips to Limit Damage and Aggravation

  • Leave lights on in your front and back yards
  • Give the appearance that there is activity around your house.  Walk around outside every once-and-a-while.
  • Leave a radio on the porch and patio with a talk show on.  Turn the volume up so it can be heard but not to annoy neighbors.
  • Cover your wicker furniture or move it inside.

Hopefully you don’t have problems with mischief makers, but taking precautions against would-be trouble makers can save you a lot of potential aggravation over the holiday.

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