Lighten and Brighten with Wicker

Towel Cabinet

Towel Cabinet Honey Finish

A big trend in 2014 is bright pops of color to accent traditional wooden furniture, floors and dark lighting pieces. Wicker is an economical way to add a trendy pop of color to any room in your house. With its durability and ability to withstand all trends even the brightest and trendiest of colors, wicker can make any room sing with even the smallest of accent pieces.

Pick Your Color

You should pick your accent color before picking out what piece you want. You can always see what color is trendy by browsing through magazines at the grocery store or searching for living spaces through your favorite search engine. Another great idea is to pull a color of your choice from a focal point in your room, a painting, ceramic piece, throw pillows and area rugs are all great starting points. Once you have your color palette, you are ready to choose which piece you want.

Pick Your Piece

Accent pieces can be small or large depending on the space you want to fill, and if you intend to make the accent piece a new focal point of the room. A colorful wicker shelving unit would brighten up a wooden themed living room. You can always use multi colors baskets as storage on the shelving unit as well to bring even more of the room’s color scheme int o your accent piece. One of our extra-large étagère shelf units would hold your fine collectibles or baskets filled with your necessary paperwork while drawing the eye as the focal point. You can always choose a smaller piece such as our planters or ottomans to brighten up and break up a monotony of plain wood.

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