Making Good Use of a Wicker Chest of Drawers

Wicker Chest of Drawers

Sometimes we buy a piece of furniture for a particular use.  In many cases the piece of furniture has only one useful purpose.  However, in the case of a wicker chest of drawers, there are at least five uses that it can be used for other than for a traditional stand along bedroom clothes storage chest of drawers.

Family Room

Move a wicker chest into your family room where you can store many different things keeping them organized and out of sight.  You can keep DVDs, electronic accessories, books, games and more. Take advantage of using the chest up against the back of a chair rather than up against a wall.  Placing a lamp on top of the chest will provide light for reading.

Kids Bedroom

Use a chest of drawers in your child’s bedroom and use it for storing diapers and/or toys.  Use the chest to teach your children to put their toys away.


Place a chest in your bathroom if you need storage space.  They are great for storing towels, soaps and other supplies.  If you feel really inventive, install a sink on top or recessed in the top of your dresser and have your own custom sink with drawers.  Install a mirror on the wall behind the chest and use it as a dressing table.  Store your bathroom accessories on top.

Home Office

When your short on space and need to create your own office or add to an existing office, you can use a chest to store your files and office supplies.  Use it as a stand up desk top for working and writing checks.  Store your printer and office equipment on top of the chest.

Dining Room

If you have a dining room but don’t have dining room furniture, a chest is the perfect piece of furniture to use to store table clothes, silverware, dishes and other common dining room accessories.  This is a perfect idea for those of you with smaller homes.

Contribute Ideas

These are only a few ideas that you can use a chest of drawers for.   Please write back and let us know if you have another great idea for using chest of drawers in your home or yard.  Include your pictures.

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