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New Wicker Living Website Offers Better Shopping Experience

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Shop patio furniture and cushions on the new Wicker Living website, and you will shop on the newest style website.  A website is designed to be easy to use, with many visual options and an easy checkout system.  Shopping online for things you want to buy can be challenging,  Just finding the website you’re looking for, let alone shopping on a site that’s not user-friendly, can make for a bad user experience.  Wicker Living has revamped its website to make shopping, finding, and ordering things easier.  As a result, shopping at Wicker Living has become a more desirable place to find wicker, rattan, and replacement cushions with the launch of our new website. 

New Website Look and Functionality

While the internet is still in its infancy, shopping online has become a common way to buy things, and people want it to be fast and easy.  Wicker Living understands what people want and is working to ensure that shopper can use their website and easily find what they’re looking for when they get there.

Wicker Living established a well-thought-out design, set of category menus, and easy-to-use option menus, making the new website easy to understand and navigate.  

Old Verses New Site

The old www.WickerLiving.com website was technically limiting and could not support modern techniques and programming to make the customer shopping experience better and more friendly.   The new site is robust and full of vigor, allowing shoppers to navigate and check out quickly.


The Company’s new website and checkout is secure.  You don’t have to worry when you shop or process a payment.

Mobile Friendly

The old site was built and put into service in 2014.  The new site is mobile-friendly.  So, you can surf through it easily, no matter what device you want to use to access the website and purchase products or research the blog.


Loading and rendering of webpages is much faster now, allowing a better user experience to get to pages quickly. 


Updated higher-grade images of products makes your shopping experience more enjoyable.

More New Quality Products

The new Wicker Living website is built for the future.  The Company will be able to maintain the site adequately so that it can be continuously updated to provide new and different products.  Over the next several months, the Company will add new products. Wicker Living will continue to add new wicker, rattan, and cushion products and expand and improve its existing collections.

Fabrics & Finishes

A new Fabric and Finishes Gallery houses hundreds of indoor and outdoor fabric images used to make customer replacement cushions and finish choices for furniture.  The Fabric Gallery provides an excellent way to view and navigate through a large number of images in a perfect way.

Product Descriptions

Well-written, concise product descriptions provide a great summary in addition to specific details that paint a good verbal picture of the products and their attributes.

Wicker Living Blog and FAQ

The Wicker Living Blog and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) directory is incorporated into the new website.  The Blog contains article posts covering a wide range of industry-related topics, and the FAQ support answers to common customer questions about the website, business, products, and services.

Social Media

Wicker Living writes blog posts distributed over Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.   Also, through social media, they respond to and initiate conversations about industry issues, topics, customer questions, and comments.  The Company posts and pins relative product images on Facebook and Pinterest, encouraging others to do the same. 


The new website offers a way for customers to provide their opinions about Wicker Living’s products and services that was not offered previously through a testimonials link.


No matter how you look at it, Wicker Living’s new website offers one of the best shopping experiences in its industry classification. Their new logo, new design, faster and easier navigation, and safe checkout make this new website one you should try.  The company accepts constructive comments regarding its website, products, and services so that it can make improvements that will apply to all customers.

Check out our next article to learn more about selecting a new wicker set.

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