Ottoman Furniture For The Head and Feet


This article discusses the ottoman and its place in our home, as well as why you may want to use them.  The ottoman, which originated in Turkey and made its way through the Ottoman Empire to Europe and to the new world, sits in front of us with great royal grace.  

In its simplest form, an ottoman is a piece of furniture with a cushioned top used for resting your feet or used as a stool for sitting.

Ottoman Furniture Design and Construction

The ottoman has taken many different forms and uses over the years.  You might best know them by different names such as a hassock, foot rest or foot stool.  Although there may be some differences between them, the ultimate goal that we think of between most of them is something to put our feet up on after a hard long day’s work and allow your head to rest.

Ottoman frames can be crafted from many different materials.  Some typical ottoman frames  include wood, rattan poles, metal and resin.  Wood and rattan frames can be shaped, carved and stained to form an aesthetically pleasing design. Full fabric covers or woven resin can be used to cover the frames to form a more formal look.

Ottoman Cushions

Depending on the design, the cushioned tops of the ottoman can be in the form of: 

  • A separate replaceable foam or tufted ottoman cushion that can be adjusted or turned over as desirable.
  • The cushion and fabric can be permanently sewn, stapled or attached to the ottoman itself.

Benefits of Ottomans

What’s great about ottomans is that they can be used with just about any type of seating such as a chair, settee or sofa.  Many people today have reclining furniture.  If you don’t have that type of furniture or like your sitting area to be a little more formal, you should consider using an ottoman. In essence, adding an ottoman to your seating coverts it into a chaise lounge of sorts.  The ottoman can be moved around a room and used with different furniture or you can add more than one where needed.  One real nice thing about using an ottoman is that you can pick up the ottoman and move it away when it’s not being used to provide for more open space.

Ottomans are not unique to indoor settings.  Today, many people are using ottomans outdoors with their patio or porch furniture.

Health Benefits

If you suffer from poor circulation in your legs or want to improve circulation throughout your body, raise your feet.  Raising them above your heart for ten minutes or more a day is better.  You might have to add an extra pillow or two depending on the height of your ottoman.  


Hardly a home is without some sort of foot rest used in the sitting room or patio.  If you find yourself annoyed because you can’t stretch out and relax on your furniture or need to improve your circulation, consider using an ottoman.

Remember, in a pinch, ottomans second for a great stool for someone to sit on at a party.  Having enough ottomans around can save you the trouble of buying additional furniture for your room just for the infrequent gatherings.

Check back for our next article to learn more about how to relax on your patio furniture.

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