Painting Wicker Furniture

Natural Wicker Rocker

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Painting natural wicker furniture can restore a wicker piece to like new conditions.  Its inexpensive and easy to do.    With a good work area and in a few short hours, you can have your wicker look new again.  All you need to do is set aside the time to do it.

Painting  Wicker

If your thinking about painting natural  wicker furniture to make it look new again, you don’t need to think much longer.   Painting wicker furniture is an easy chore that usually ends up with great results.  Natural wicker accepts acrylic paint quite well and it helps protect the natural wicker longer than other paints.

Paint Selection

With the large selection of acrylic paints on the market today, you don’t have an excuse of not being able to find a color.  Stop by your local hardware store and select a few cans of Rust-Oleum ® , Krylon ®  or similar paint.  These are also known as acrylic or enamel paint.  Consult your hardware store specialist if you need assistance.  If you would prefer less fumes but more work, you can use enamel paint in a can.  But, this will need to be brushed on rather than sprayed on.

The fumes from spray paint can be quite strong and noxious, so find a well ventilated area to work in and follow the instructions on the can of the manufacturer for safe working conditions.

Preparing The Piece

Prior to painting clean your wicker piece using a vacuum and dust brush to remove loose dirt.  Clean with house hold cleaners and allow to completely dry.

Painting The Piece

Plan on putting two or three coats on the furniture.  Don’t try to spay too much paint on at one time.  You want to do just enough to cover well, but not so much as it runs. Begin painting from the under side of the furniture in the deepest areas first working your way out.  Then, turn the furniture right-side up and finish the coat.

Allow the paint to dry between coats.  In 70 degree warm dry temperatures the paint should be completely dry within 15-30 minutes.  Cooler temperatures will extend the drying time.


When your done, you will have a piece of wicker furniture that looks brand new that you will be able to use for many more years.

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