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Deep Seating Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture For The Home

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Rattan Furniture
Rattan Loveseat


Rattan furniture has been a long-time favorite for people around the world.  Rattan is suitable furniture for your living room, four-season room, or covered patio. It’s elegant, strong, and light in weight.  Most of all, it’s comfortable and can blend in with just about any decor.

The Rattan Vine

Rattan furniture is manufactured from rattan, a vine that grows primarily in Indonesia and the Philippines.  The vines are harvested, sized into poles, and shipped to furniture manufacturers.  The manufacturers craft the poles into exquisite furniture frame designs.

Rattan is a wood-like organic material that is excellent for furniture production because its extremely strong finishes remarkably well.  The rattan pole takes on a vast array of stains allowing it to be colored in many different shades.   In addition to staining, rattan can also be painted with lacquers for a hard-colored finish.

Furniture Manufacture

Deep seating rattan chairs and couches typically utilize strap suspension seat fames that ensure substantial comfort, supporting thick foam seat cushions.  The back cushions for this type of furniture are thick fiber-filled cushions with or without tufting, depending on the desired accent effect.  A quality set of cushions will include zippered removable covers, casing inserts in the back cushions, and single or double piping.

Benefits Of Rattan Furniture

  • Available In Elegant and Casual Designs
  • Natural Wood-Like Organic Material
  • Rich Stain or Paint Finishes
  • Light Weight Easy to Move For Cleaning or Rearranging
  • Matches Well With Other Furniture Types
  • Comfortable
  • Great Pick For Sunrooms and Four Season Rooms
  • Rattan Frames Last For Decades
  • Replacement Cushions Are Easy To Do And Will Update Your Decor Without Having To Replace Your Furniture Frames


Rattan furniture is an excellent choice for a room inside your home or a covered area outside that is protected from the elements.  Rattan is available in many different finishes to match your decor.  It’s sturdy and easy to move.  The furniture is available in elegant and casual styles.  Suspension seat straps and deep seating cushions, and fabric choices make this type of furniture very desirable to own and use in many different rooms in your home.

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