Relaxing In a Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge Chair


Resin chaise lounge chairs, also classified as casual furniture, have long been a symbol of luxury and convenience around the world. Its not normally a piece of furniture that someone will buy first to furnish their patio.  However, it is one of the first pieces someone will buy that cherishes a comfortable place to rest, read and reflect on life.

The Chaise

An outdoor chaise lounge is basically constructed like a conventional chair with an elongated seat.  The back and arms are just like a regular chair but the long seat allows you to elevate your feet and put your legs straight out in a comfortable relaxing position.  Casual furniture models can generally be used with or without cushions. 

The style of a chaise it predominately based on the materials it is made from and its shape.  For outdoor furnishings, you will typically find two basic shaped chaise lounges.  One will have the back rest squared off and the other will have an arched top.  There are various arm rest styles, but the most common is relatively flat were your arms rest and rounded or squared off where you hands rest.  Both are very popular and can be used to match with existing furniture.

Why Choose A Chaise?

You will want a chaise if you really like to relax on your patio and take advantage of the ability to lean back and stretch out and talk to your family and friends.  If you read books you will want to own a chaise because you will sit in the most comfortable position there is for reading.  Most of all, chaise lounges are relaxing.  You can lay back with your feet up and simply enjoy the comfort of a lounge chair.  Many people like them because they provide the perfect position for snoozing.


Chaise lounge cushions make the furniture.  Choosing the right pattern fabric and the right type of cushion will ensure you will be happy and comfortable for a long time.  Standard chaise lounges use a two piece cushion set (a back and a seat cushion).  Your choices usually are a complete tufted set or a deep seating foam seat and fiber filled back set. 

The tufted cushions are more economical.   Both are good choices though.  The tufted chaise lounge cushion set has a distinct look that many people like.  The deep seating foam seat cushion has a blocky flat look to it which looks a little more formal, but some consider the foam more comfortable.  Whether you choose a tufted or a deep seating chaise lounge cushion set you can’t go wrong.


Shop for a chaise that is pleasing to your eyes an comfortable for your arms.  Pick a finish that coordinates with your existing furniture and a cushion set that enhances the decor and comfort.

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