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Replace Deep Seating Csuhions

Replace Deep Seating Cushions

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Deciding when and how to replace deep seating cushions can be a challenge and an expense.  But replacing your deep seating cushions when worn out or the fabric pattern no longer meets your needs is necessary for peace of mind and should be done as soon as you realize you are no longer satisfied.

Deep seating back and set cushion sets are the epitome of outdoor comfort.  With the right fabric pattern, your outdoor furniture can be transformed into a striking picturesque social extravaganza poised for family, friends, and parties.


Take a good look at your cushions.  Inspect the foam seat cushions.  Look for lumpy or flattened spots.  You can’t put the spring back in foam seat cushions once flattened or misshapen. Foam cushions must be true to form to look good and feel comfortable. 

Look for worn and faded fabric.  Also, look at the seams and piping for pulls and stretched fabric. 

Inspect the fiber-filed back cushions looking for similar issues as the seat cushions.  The fiber might flatten or lump up, making the cushion uncomfortable or look plain lousy.  If you are lucky enough to have a zippered cover, you might be able to refill the back cushion back to normal.

If the cushions or misshapen, the fabric is worn and faded, or you don’t like the pattern anymore, you may want to consider replacing your cushions.

Choosing Replacement Deep Seating Cushions

Measure your deep seating cushions before you try to order.  Review available fabrics and patterns to make your furniture stand out and improve the decor.  Choose Sunbrella fabric in areas with strong sunlight or if you plan to leave your cushions sitting out without being stored or covered.


Don’t stand in your way if you need to replace your deep seating cushions.  Inspect your cushions to see if any are misshapen, worn, faded, or the fabric pattern is outdated.  Contact your cushion maker and order new cushions and enjoy a new look and improved comfort.

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