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Replacement Chaise Lounge Cushions

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When your old chaise lounge cushions are worn and unsightly, you need to replace them with a new set of cushions.  Replacing your old cushions with new ones will improve your decor and probably result in improved comfort.

Tufted Chaise Lounge Cushions

Most people will lean toward buying tufted chaise lounge replacement cushions for their furniture.  They are very comfortable and relatively economical.  Tufted cushions are made by sewing the seat and back fabric covers using a method known as tufting.  Thats where the crafter sews little round circles called tufts between the top and bottom panels of the cushion in various places across the cushion.  The cushion is then filled with polyester fiber from an opening at the back or bottom seam.  Then the seam is sewn closed.

Tufting provides a unique appearance in addition to providing a way for the fill not to clump or shift inside the cover.  Generally, the more tufts in a cushion, the thinner it will become.  Similarly, the fewer tufts used in making a cushion, the puffier and thicker it becomes.  Crafters know the best combination of tufts to size to ensure a proper functioning cushion with a good appearance.

One and Two Piece Chaise Lounge Cushions

Chaise lounges use one of two kids of cushions:

  • A one-piece cushion
  • A two-pice cushion set (Seat and back cushion)

One-piece cushions are generally used with adjustable chaise lounge chairs whereas, a two piece cushion set is used for fixed back chaise lounges.


Measure your frames to ensure proper sizing of your cushions.  Measure the seat from the front edge of the seat frame to the back rest and the width from the left to the right sides. For the back cushion, you need to take into consideration the thickness of the seat cushion because the back cushion sits on top of the seat cushion.  The height will usually be around eighteen inches.  Account for weather you want the top trim piece of the back rest to show.

The Shape

There a few basic shapes for chaise lounge cushions.  For adjustable chaises, the shape is usually rectangular.  The corners are typically squared-off. 

The seat cushions for fixed back chaise lounge chairs with stacking holes built into the chaise seat will have rounded-off back corners where the stacking holes are at the back rest. The stacking holes are made so that manufacturers can stack multiple chaises on top of each other for shipping. Chaises with no rounding of the back will probably have a rectangular seat with squared-off corners.

The back cushion can be either rectangular in shape with squared-off corners or have an arched top.  You would choose the one that best fits your chaise.


There are many good outdoor fabrics to choose from.  If your in the sunbelt or just want the best fabric, choose Sunbrella for durable non-fading colors.


When your old cushions are worn and don’t help your decor, replace them with new cushions.  Identify the style, shape and sizes. Pick an outdoor fabric that meets your needs and fits your decor.  Place your order with your cushion maker and then put those new cushions on display on your chaise lounge chair.

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