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Replacement Cushions Make Furniture New Again

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Many of us procrastinate too often and at times get caught not completing what we need to do when we need to do it.  This article is a heads up to those who wish to mark a notch in the post and say I did it, I am done.  I ordered my replacement cushions. Then move on to other more important things.

Spring Order

Most of us know if we need replacement cushions and we all say to ourselves, I’ll do that next spring, I don’t need to order them now.  Well, thats almost true.  The fact of the matter is that replacement cushions take time to make and ship, so you need to prepare ahead of time.  Ordering in February and March will ensure May arrival of cushions even from the dealers that take  along time to complete orders.

The Nudge

This weeks post is primarily a nudge for you to look out your patio cushions and take inventory of what cushions you have and the ones you need to replace.

Consider the following when evaluating your old cushions:

  • Thickness
  • Softness/Firmness
  • Shape
  • Fabric Color
  • Fabric Style
  • Wear 

Evaluate the above conditions and determine if any of these factors are something you consider worth replacing some or all of your cushions for.

Next Steps

Having identified the need to replace cushions, you will need to measure and possibly even make templates to have new cushions made. You will need to find a cushion supplier and review their fabrics, prices and then place an order.


For right now, simply take note of what cushions you have and which ones need to be replaced.  Identify a color scheme.  Next week we will discuss what you need to do in more detail if you plan to order new cushions and the timing associated with placing an order.

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