Treat Yourself To A Resin Wicker Glider And Enjoy

Resin Wicker Double Glider

Wicker Double Glider


Many people plan their porch and patio furniture purchases with little or no thought of using a resin wicker glider.  Furniture gliders were popular many years ago and are starting to make a comeback and for good reason.  They provide all the same benefits of their stationary counterparts, but offer the additional benefit of being able to glide back and forth with the rhythm of your own body.  As a result, gliders are extremely relaxing and satisfying and should be seriously considered when furnishing your outdoor lounge. 

Resin Wicker Glider Types

Gliders are typically available in single and double occupancy sizes. There a some three seaters around, but they are hard to come by.  Similarly, they are available in standard and deep seating models as well.  They require a little more room to use from front to back as compared to stationary furniture such as a chair, love seat or sofa, but its not much.  The chances are that you will be able to utilize them in the space you have for other furniture.

All-Weather Glider

Outdoor gliders are designed using all-weather materials such as aluminum frames, resin wicker cane and outdoor cushions.  They can be used both indoors and outdoors.  In fact, many people today are using resin wicker inside their home such as in a four season room or family room.

Swivel Gliders

Within the last few years, a new type of glider has become very popular.  Its a single seat glider thats called a swivel glider.  It not only is a glider, it swivels 360 degrees as well. This swivel glider is a deep seating glider that provides the utmost in comfort while still being a glider.  This is one piece of furniture that should be considered when shopping for a deep seating single chair or glider.


Gliders are making a comeback and should be considered when planning to purchase casual furniture for you home.  Choices include single and double gliders, standard and deep seating gliders and swivel gliders.  They are designed to be used outdoors as well as inside the home. 

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