Rocking Chairs For Your Patio And Inside

Rocking Chair

Charleston Resin Rocker

There is no other piece of furniture that is as versatile as a rocking chair.  Rockers provide an aesthetic balance to your decor whether inside or out as well as providing a relaxing getaway from a long day’s work.  Including a rocking chair on your patio, porch or inside your home will provide you that essential piece of furniture you need to round out your collection.

Rockers For Outside or Indoors

Depending on the application, you may choose different  styles of rocking chairs.  If you want to add one to your patio or porch, you will probably want one that resists the the weather.  A resin wicker rocking chair is a great choice for outdoors but can also be used inside as well.  Quality resin products will hold their color and not become brittle like lower quality resins.

If you want to add an indoor rocking chair one to a room inside your home, you can choose one made from natural materials like wicker, rattan or wood.

Rocking Chair Cushion Fabric

When choosing rocking chair cushions for outdoors, select fabric that is made to be used outside and resist water and the sun’s ultraviolet light.  All-weather (spun polyester) fabric is an indoor/outdoor fabric that is available in many different prints.  To make all-weather fabric cushions last longer with limited fading, keep them out of the direct sun when your not using them or use furniture covers.  If your looking for something that holds its color better, go with Sunbrella fabric cushions.  Sunbrella fabric is an acrylic fabric that resists fading for many years.

For rockers used indoors that sit in an area that get a lot of sun, use outdoor cushion fabric so it does not fade.  Otherwise, you can use indoor fabric.

Space Requirements

Rockers take up a little more space than a chair.  Make sure you account for the extra space needed for the rocker runners when you lay out your design.


Use resin rockers for your patio or for indoors.   Use rockers made of natural material for indoors.  Choose cushions with appropriate fabric for sunny indoor and outdoor locations and feel free to use indoor fabric in rooms with filtered sunlight. Rocking chairs take up a little more space than an chair.  Evaluate whether you need extra room for the furniture.

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