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Seasonal Decorating With Wicker

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Seasonal Decorating With Wicker

Wicker furniture was traditionally made from natural material and used both indoor and outside.  As new synthetic materials were invented, manufacturers began to make wicker and other patio furnitures from these synthetic materials. The durability of the resins allowed companies to market resin furniture to consumers as outdoor furniture.  

As a result, there was a stigma established that this type of furniture was for outside use only and it still exists to some extent but it is slowly being overcome.  Resins have come a long way in color and texture allowing it to be welcomed into our homes on a permanent or temporary basis.  Today, about 25% of all deep seating wicker sets sold are used inside the home.

As with any product you own, the more you care for it the longer it will last and look new.  So, with that in mind, you might be able to utilize some or all of your patio furniture inside your home during times when you don’t use it on your patio.

This may take a little bit of thinking and planning on your part, but it may be well worth it.

Since many of us can’t use our patio furniture during certain times of the year, why not consider a plan where you use it inside instead.

Changing things up are usually a good thing.  It gives us a sense of something new and we all like that. So rather than just storing your outdoor wicker or covering it up, try one of the following tips:

  • Bring in your picnic table to your family room and use it for games, crafts and dining.  If your limited on space, store your indoor dining table where you would store your picnic table and chairs and move your picnic table and chairs into your dining area until you’re ready to put it back outside again.
  • Bring those outdoor chairs inside and place them around the family room or put one in each bedroom and use it for dressing until your ready to put them back outside.  If space is hard to find, most outdoor chairs will stack.  If you have that type, you can stack the the chairs in your family room and use them when family and friends stop by and visit.
  • Move your outdoor planters inside where you can enjoy your florals all year long.
  • Other ways to extend the use of your outdoor wicker into the cooler times of the year is to add a fire ring designed to be used on patios.
  • Add a gas operated outdoor heater that provides comfortable heat even on cold days and evenings.  You might have seen these at outdoor restaurants.

Check back for our next article to learn more about how to secure your wicker furniture.

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