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Sunbrella® Cushions For the Patio and Four Season Room

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Sunbrella cushions is a name given to cushions made using Sunbrella fabric.  It’s that name you hear when people are talking about quality cushions.  Whether it be quality outdoor upholstery for pillows and cushions, outdoor umbrellas, boat seats and covers or protective awnings, you can be sure you’re getting the finest quality fabric for your application. It’s branded Sunbrella.  The reason that the quality is there is because the Sunbrella fabric is a state-of-the-art synthetic fabric that holds all the indoor and outdoor qualities you can possibly imagine or want in an upholstery fabric.

About Glen Raven & Sunbrella

Glen Raven is the mother company of Sunbrella.  Sunbrella launched its line of acrylic fabrics in the awning market in 1961 and later introduced it into the casual furniture market in the 1980s.  Since then, it has grown to be one of the most desired fabric lines for manufacturing casual furniture cushions. 

Sunbrella Fabric Dorsett Autum
Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella As The Standard

Most manufactures of casual furniture that include cushions with their products include Sunbrella cushions and pillows in the original purchase.  The growth of the market has been phenomenal because manufacturers and customers have recognized the value in buying a quality cushion or pillow made with Sunbrella fabric. 

Most cushion makers offer replacement cushions made with Sunbrella fabric as a premium cushion product.  The reasons are many.  Read our article Top 10 Reasons To Buy Sunbrella Fabric Cushions to learn more details about why you should buy cushions made with Sunbrella Fabric.

Sunbrella Foster-Metallic_56051-0000
Sunbrella Fabric Stripe


Sunbrella fabrics offer a fantastic selection of colorful solids, stripes, and patterns.  Geometric shapes and other patterns are also available, but not to the extent of the patterns available in all-weather or indoor fabrics.  In the way Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured, the colors are infused into the yarn itself before it is woven; they are not printed on the fabrics with inks like spun polyester or cotton.  So, to obtain a pattern, it must be woven into the fabric.  Therefore, fewer floral prints and patterns are available simply because it’s easier and less expensive to make a printed fabric than making one that requires you to weave the pattern.

Sunbrella Fabric
Sunbrella Dupione Fabric

Use Outside or Indoors

Sunbrella’s unique upholstery fabric yarn is designed to ensure that it can withstand the outdoors. However, it is equally important because the fabric is soft, making it desirable for indoor cushions.

Sunbrella® Fabric Images
Sunbrella Bold Solids

People who shop for indoor fabric cushions look for the same qualities that Sunbrella has in their indoor fabric.  Fortunately, they get a lot more than just softness.  They also get the stain resistance, color selection and excellent wearability that Sunbrella provides.

So, not only can you use Sunbrella cushions outdoors on your patio, but you can use them inside your home.  Most leading brands of casual furniture makers supply their furniture with Sunbrella fabric cushions. In addition, if you’re old casual furniture cushions are wearing out, you can replace them with quality Sunbrella-made cushions.

Sunbrella Fabric
Sunbrella Dolce Oasis

Care and Cleaning

Sunbrella fabric is a workhorse for patio furniture.  It has excellent wear resilience and color retention, making it one of the best choices to use in your backyard or porch.  You can leave it on your furniture without being covered, and it will retain its nice as-new appearance for years.  It will, however, get dirty and will have to be cleaned.  But, usually, just a mild soap and water and a rinse will still do the trick. More impressively, if you have something that is trying to stain Sunbrella fabric, that can usually be corrected by following Sunbrella’s cleaning instructions for their approved method for cleaning their fabric; watch their how-to video.

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