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Pros Of Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture

The Pros Of Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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The pros of buying outdoor wicker furniture can help guide you into buying an elegantly comfortable patio set. While plastic and metal furniture sets are the go-to options for many, those looking for durability, beauty, sophistication, and comfort will likely want something different.

Outdoor wicker furniture is made from synthetic materials, holding it up to the outdoor elements that can destroy many other furniture types. There are two basic types of outdoor wicker. Lloyd Loom and resin wicker are sold under the name Vinyl wicker by Lloyd Flanders. Both types of wicker will withstand the outdoor elements for many years with little maintenance. So let’s see what makes these types of furniture worth going for

Whether you desire simple wicker patio chairs for additional seating for a festive outdoor summer party, or a wicker patio set complete with chairs and an elegant table to entertain guests, there are numerous benefits to owning wicker furniture.

Below are just some of the top benefits:

Good for Indoors and Outside

Wicker furniture was once only considered indoor furniture because it was made with materials that would not hold up to the outdoors. Today, wicker furniture is used both indoors and outside, and it’s the same furniture. Because of the advent of synthetic materials and the ability to make synthetic materials look great, the furniture is successfully used inside the house and on the patio. In fact, in areas where the winters get cold and nasty, people bring their wicker patio furniture inside and use it until it’s time to put it outside again for summer. Many sunrooms and lenis are furniture with wicker because of their warm nature.

Wicker Furniture Is Lightweight

If you have to pick up and move bulky old patio furniture or pull out additional chairs from around your home for guests who visit, you will more than likely appreciate the versatility of outdoor wicker furniture. The aluminum frames are lightweight, and the cushions are also lightweight. Wicker furniture is easy to pick up, move around, rearrange, or move to storage. The unique loom weave is state-of-the-art outdoor wicker technology for the Lloyd Loom furniture that ensures the wicker will withstand the outdoor elements and last a long time. You can choose from an amazing twenty different finishes for loom wicker. That’s nearly unheard of with other furniture lines.

Similarly, the vinyl resin wicker is extremely durable. The color is embedded in the vinyl with ultraviolet light (UV) inhibitors that keep it from becoming brittle and fading. Rather than being made in a loom, resin wicker reed is woven onto the aluminum frames. The unique woven designs also make it exceptionally durable for guests of all sizes, whether small children or full-grown adults.

Cushions are used to accessorize and make the seating more comfortable and attractive. You can select your own fabric type and patterns to go with your decor.


Loom wicker and vinyl resin wicker are both incredibly durable. They are both scratch and cold-resistant, water-resistant, and UV resistant. The addition of UV light inhibitors in the manufacturing process of the resin wicker ensures that the resin is strong and flexible, and it resists fading and becoming brittle from long-term exposure to sunlight.

Classic and Stylish

When many first think of wicker furniture, it is all too easy to picture quaint images of gardens and cozy backyard patios; however, there are other design options available– it all depends on your personal style. With outdoor wicker furniture, you have a wide selection of styles. From traditional to extravagant modern designs. There are even sectional units that you can build together to make a classy seating area.

Outdoor wicker offers Deep seating comfort as you would find in your living room. The thick cushions are so comfortable you won’t want to leave.

A Variety of Finishes

Outdoor wicker furniture can be found in various colors. The Lloyd Loom wicker furniture is available in twenty different finishes. That means you can choose a color that best fits your decor and not be pigeonholed into only one or two available colors. In as much as the Lloyd Flanders Vinyl resin has limited available finishes, they make up for it in style.

Choice of Fabrics

When you buy wicker furniture from Lloyd Flanders, you get to choose the fabric. You can choose from hundreds of available fabrics to decorate your furniture and coordinate with your patio or indoor seating.


So, you see, there are a lot of pros that you need to consider before you buy something other than wicker furniture for your patio.

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