The Pros Of Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker Sofa

While plastic and metal furniture sets are the go-to options for many, those looking for durability, beauty and sophistication will likely want something different.

Outdoor wicker furniture is made from synthetic material called resin that is extruded into thick spaghetti-like reed which then can be woven onto metal frames into the design of a bench, love seat, ottoman, bar stool or nearly any other piece of furniture. The natural durability of of quality resins with ultraviolet inhibitors are ideal for outdoor use, and are often available in multiple colors of finishes.

Whether you desire simple wicker patio chairs for additional seating for a festive outdoor summer party, or a wicker patio set complete with chairs and an elegant table to entertain guests, there are numerous benefits to owning wicker furniture.

Below are just some of the top benefits:

1) Lightweight

If you find yourself having to pull out additional chairs from around your home for guests who visit, you will more than likely appreciate the versatility of outdoor wicker furniture. Not only is the material lightweight and easy to transport from one location to the next, its unique woven design also makes it exceptionally durable for guests of all sizes, whether they be small children or full-grown adults. Cushions are used to accessorize and make the seating more comfortable and attractive furniture.

2) Durable

Usually made from polyethylene or some other similar synthetic resin compound, outdoor wicker is incredibly durable. The addition of ultraviolet light inhibitors in the manufacturing process of the resin ensures that the resin is strong, it resists fading and becoming brittle from long-term exposure to sunlight.

While the natural materials used to make natural wicker products are environmentally-friendly, without a waterproof coating, the material can deteriorate rather quickly when exposed to too much sunlight and rain. This is why the majority of wicker furniture sold today is outdoor resin wicker rather than natural wicker

Resin wicker is also ideal for climates that experience high amounts of moisture.

3) Classic and Stylish

When many people first think of wicker furniture, it is all too easy to picture quaint images of gardens and cozy backyard patios; however, there are other design options available– it all just depends on your personal style.

Outdoor furniture can be found in a wide variety of colors, including cream, tan, brown, black and olive green shades. A classic wicker design can incorporate crisp striped cushions and white chairs and benches. On the other hand, for a sleek modern look, search for bold orange and sage green pillows.

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