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The Top 10 Things to Know About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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  1. Outdoor Wicker Set
    Outdoor Wicker Furniture

    Outdoor wicker furniture, synthetic wicker furniture, and plastic wicker furniture all mean the same thing.  They all describe wicker furniture that is constructed with materials that resist the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, resist poor weather conditions such as rain and humidity, and is easy to clean with common dish soap and water.

  2. Not all outdoor wicker furniture is equal.  The quality is affected by the type of resin used, the additives used in the resin to resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the types of frames and quality of the frames used, and the assembly and weave of the wicker.
  3. Unless you are dealing with a well-established wicker dealer, you will probably never get the real story on the quality of the materials that make up the outdoor wicker furniture.  The average consumer will not be able to discern the difference between a quality product and that of an imposter until it’s too late.
  4. High-quality outdoor wicker furniture is nearly indestructible under normal use conditions.
  5. The highest quality outdoor wicker furniture uses aluminum frames, not synthetic or steel frames.  Powder-coated steel frames would be your next best choice in lieu of aluminum frames.
  6. Outdoor wicker should have a 1-year warranty against manufacture defects.
  7. Synthetic (outdoor) wicker furniture can be left outdoors in the sun, rain, and cold and should last for many years without degrading.  To prolong the life of your wicker, you may want to consider storing or covering your wicker furniture when it is not being used for long periods of time, such as during the winter.
  8. Maintenance of wicker furniture is the best part of owning it.  There almost is none.  The most you will ever have to do is use some liquid dish soap, a sponge, and some water to give it a quick bath and rinse it down with a hose.
  9. Reputable dealers will carry a variety of finishes to choose from.  As many as 10 or more finishes are available on the market. Not all dealers carry the full spectrum of color finishes.
  10. Outdoor wicker furniture is now being used indoors to replace natural wicker because of the variety of elegant styles, finishes, durability and ease of maintenance.

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