The Versatile Wicker Armoire

Wicker Armoire


A wicker armoire is a great piece of furniture for storing things but it not limited to just clothes.  Armoires are wonderful pieces that you can use in different rooms and it will look like it was always meant to be there.  They provide a large capacity of space to store things in and can conceal things you don’t want to show.


When your short on space, use a wicker armoire in your bedroom where you need the extra storage area.  Place the armoire in one of the corners of the room if you have the space.  Hang clothes up on the bar or fold them and lay them in the drawers or on the shelves. 

Dining Room

If you don’t have a buffet and china closet, use an armoire in your dining room to hold your silverware, drinking glasses and china.  Adjust space in the armoire to store china on the armoire shelves along with the glassware.  Fill the drawers up with silverware, napkins and other dining room necessities.

Living Room

Using an armoire in the living room is probably one of the most fun places to use one.  The furniture itself is attractive and can blend in with other living room furniture and be used for storage of books, magazines, office supplies, TV, DVD and other electronic equipment.  Similarly, use it to hide all the stuff you don’t want laying around the house.


Using an armoire in the kitchen is very useful.  Place it up against the wall and merge it in with your other furniture.  There is so much space in an armoire you will be surprised how much you can fit in it.  Use the drawers as storage for kitchen utensils.   Adjust the shelves to allow for storing things as you wold in a pantry.

Four Season Room

Place a wicker armoire in your four season room so you can store books, magazines, candles, pillows and things you entertain with.  If you have a fire place in your four season room, place the armoire on the opposite wall or as far away from the fire place as possible.  This will help balance the room

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