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Tips For Buying Deep Seating Cushions

Tips for Buying Deep Seating Cushions

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Going out to buy your first set of replacements can be a scary experience.  Deep seating cushions are expensive, and you don’t want to make a rookie mistake, become frustrated and waste your time and money.  Following these tips will ensure you do the right thing, receive the quality cushions you want, and enjoy your furniture for a long time.

Determine What You Have

The first thing you need to do is determine what cushion you have and what you need to replace.  Structure a list of the items that can be expanded to include details later.

For example, let’s say you have a three-seat deep-seating sofa, one deep-seating chair, and an ottoman; these three pieces become the basis of your list.

Deep Seating Cushion Sets Consists of Two Cushions

Since there are two parts to each deep seating cushion set, you need to be specific on what description goes with each piece of the set.  Document them carefully.  Sets typically include a foam seat cushion and a fiber-filled back cushion.  In rare cases, back cushions can be made of foam or other fill materials.

Things You Need To Do

  • Define the Shape/Style of Each Piece
  • Measure Cushions
  • Define Accessory Options
  • Choose Fabric Type
  • Select Fabric Pattern
  • Contact a Vendor/Cushion Maker
  • Provide Vendor With Your Cushion Information and Request a Quote
  • Evaluate quotes
  • Select Vendor and Place Order

Define the Shape & Style

It’s very important to define the shape and style of your cushions when discussing replacements with a cushion maker or choosing from a selection of online choices.  Most conventional cushions have conventional shapes and can be easily determined.  Others need to be more specifically defined.  In particular, this is where you want to define whether you want boxed or knife edge seat or back cushions.

For example, if you were defining the shape and style of a deep seating chair cushion set, it might look something like this:

  • 23″ Wide x 24″ Deep x 6″ Thick Foam Chair Seat Cushion: Square front corners and rounded back corners  with single piping across the front panel
  • 19″ High Fiber-Filled Chair Back Cushion: Arched top and squared-off lower corners with one center tuft, zippered cover with removable casing.

Measuring Your Cushions

You will need to measure your cushions or furniture to determine the size you need for replacement accurately. You will need to record the measurements in your log accurately. This can be done using the method defined in our earlier posts: Measuring Deep Seating Furniture for Replacement Cushions.

Define Accessory Options

Here is where you must decide what accessory design you want for your cushions.  It’s up to you to define how you want your cushions made and what materials you want them made.  You must specify the fabric, piping, tufts, buttons, and zippers. 

Choose Fabric Type and Pattern

Choosing an appropriate fabric type for your furniture is an important step in ordering cushions.  You need to choose a fabric that will conform to the conditions in which it will be used. 

Fabric Type Selection Guidelines:

  • You Can Select Indoor Fabric for Indoor Only Applications, but you might find it difficult to find indoor fabric.  Most cushion makers have moved to all-weather spun polyesters for inside and outdoor cushions.
  • Select Indoor/Outdoor All-Weather Spun Polyester Fabric for Indoor or Outdoor use.
  • Select Sunbrella or Outdura premium outdoor fabric when you want excellent protection and durability for indoor or outdoor use.  These fabrics are top-of-the-line and can withstand the Sun’s ultraviolet rays without harming the fabric.  Also, the acrylic fabric keeps the ultraviolet light from reaching and harming the inside components of the cushion.

Select Fabric Pattern

Abundant patterns, solids, and stripes exist in many different types of fabric.  Once you have selected the type of fabric you want to use, look through the selections and choose the best one doe your project.

Contact a Vendor/Cushion Maker

You may want to contact a cushion maker before selecting a fabric so that you can review their fabric choices.  Regardless, you will need to find one or more vendors you can work with to get prices and ensure that your order is properly cared for.  A quality cushion maker will provide excellent assistance and help you understand what you need to know about ordering cushions.  If the one you try working with is not helpful, move on to the next one. 

You will want to ask many questions about their service and products.  Quizzing them will help you understand the type of operation you are dealing with and whether you want to proceed any further with them.

Provide The Vendor With Your Cushion Information and Request a Quote

Provide them with all the data you collected and logged so they can provide a good estimate and a quality product that fits, feels and looks good.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a quote in different ways (For example: boxed vs. knife edge cushions) if there is a price issue that might cause you to order one way or another.

Evaluate quotes

When you get the vendors’ prices back, look them over well.  Take notes and make sure that what you requested is what you received the quote for.  You want to be able to compare similar quotes.  If one vendor decides to provide you with something different than what you asked, you should be leary.  Go back and ask them to quote it the way you want it.  Go back and ask questions to reinforce that you will get the right size, shape, and quality cushion you expect.

Place Your Order

Once you have determined what you want to do and who to order from, place your order and wait for your cushions to arrive.

Provide Feedback to the Vendor

Vendors like feedback, and it’s a great way to share your thoughts with others looking to buy cushions from the same vendor.  Most companies that sell cushions from a website will allow you to submit your input and post your comments online.

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