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Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Tips For Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture For Your Home This Summer

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When we first think about summer, we often associate the season with warm weather, great company, and those long nights under starry skies. If you’re a homeowner or have a decently-sized patio, you may be thinking about sprucing it up a bit with some outdoor furniture, and nothing says summer is better than having high-quality wicker furniture in your home or backyard. Whether your backyard or patio is covered, wicker can withstand many of nature’s elements, making it a great alternative to metal or wood lawn chairs.

If you are interested in buying wicker furniture for your home this summer, chances are you’ll come across a wide variety of pieces to choose from– ottomans, love seats, rocking chairs, and chaise lounge chairs, to name a few. With so many options, knowing exactly where to begin can be tough.

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to simplify your shopping experience.

Wicker Furniture in Practical Colors

Everyone can appreciate the traditional look and feel of white wicker; it’s iconic and can give your patio a quaint, old-fashioned touch. However, if you live in an area that gets a decent amount of rain throughout the year, you’ll want to opt for furniture in darker colors, such as reddish-brown, olive green, or black.

Lloyd Loom and Lloyd Vinyl Resin Wicker Ensure Durability

If you plan to use your furniture outdoors, buying furniture that withstands the outdoor elements is best.  Lloyd Flanders offers two types of wicker furniture that, in no other terms, are AWESOME!  LLoyd loom wicker is made in the USA and offers over one hundred years of manufacturing experience and modern technology, making this wicker outperform all others.  It also is available in 20 custom finishes.

Lloyd Flanders also offers their Vinyl resin wicker, the best in the business.  The resin wicker is hand woven onto aluminum frames and is perfect for outdoor use.

Keep Space in Mind

Before you reach for that three-person wicker sofa or dining table and dining chairs, measure your deck, patio, or sunroom to ensure enough space for what you plan to get.

Stick to a Theme

Wicker furniture is well-known for its cozy and simple aesthetic appeal, and armchairs and love seats look great when grouped, but you can also add a more sophisticated touch with the right colors and styles. If you’re going for a modern style, choose furniture sets that have boxy, angular shapes. Select pieces with smooth, rounded edges for a more antique feeling.

As you can see, you have several things to consider when purchasing wicker furniture for your home this summer. Still, your ultimate choice should be based on your tastes and what weather conditions are most common in your area.

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